It’s that time where we all turn to GM’s for a day and look at the needs of our favorite NFL teams.  In this article we will look at the Indianapolis Colts and the rebuilding that will be taking place.

Season Summary:
The Indianapolis Colts went from a 10-6 season in 2010 to a struggling 2-14 team in 2011 that had a hard time just putting a solid team on the field.  With the injury to Peyton Manning in the beginning of the year it really set the precedent for how the year would unfold.  Injuries were the culprit that turned a once successful team into the league’s worst team.  Thus the entire house cleaning at the end of the season, from front office to veterans on the field, the Colts are rebuilding and it is evident by all the moves that have been made.
The Record in 2011:
To go from a 10-win season to barely winning 2 games in the next season can sometimes call for immediate house cleaning, but when your superstar quarterback is on the shelf and there is no backup plan, it is to be expected.  The Colts and their fans found themselves in a time warp, reliving the days of old when they struggled just to get a win.  With a 2-win season it gives you time to reflect and show you where you need to improve; from the owner's viewpoint a complete overhaul was needed.
Positions of Need:
The key position to fill for the Colts will be at the quarterback, with the release of Manning, the Colts are looking for the next star to handle the position for the next 15 years.

Other positions of interest:
OG, DT, LB, TE, WR, C, fact is when you are rebuilding you are looking for many key pieces.
First Round Targets:
The target for the Colts will be Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck (2011 stats 288 completions, 3517 yards, 37 touchdowns, 10 interceptions).  Luck is a very mature and talented quarterback that has the presence to step right in and start in the NFL.  There has been much speculation that Luck would be taken first with all the problems that the Colts had last season at the quarterback position.  This is the plan A.  Plan B would be Robert Griffin III, another solid quarterback out of the University of Baylor.  Griffin III really made an impact in college last season (2011 stats 291 completions, 4293 yards, 37 touchdowns, 6 interceptions). Although he is a talented quarterback with incredible character, Luck seems to be the right choice for Indianapolis but Griffin III is just as capable.
Vultures (teams to keep an eye out for):
In this instance there are no teams to look out for unless we want to make a trade, the benefits of having the first pick in the Draft.

Trade Winds:
The Colts are pretty set as far as keeping the first pick, they need a game-changing quarterback and they feel that Andrew Luck is that quarterback.  If there are any possible trades it would be with shipping Dwight Freeney away from Indianapolis.  If I were the GM I would send Freeney to the Panthers for DeAngelo Williams (since the Panthers just signed Mike Tolbert), Greg Olsen and draft picks.  Reason: the Colts are going to more of a ground and pound style, at least until Luck gets more experience under his belt.  Williams would be perfect for the rushing attack, he is quick and elusive, and he can also catch the ball out of the backfield.  Olsen would give Luck a solid target for short throws to go along with Wayne and Collie, Olsen is also a young, up and coming tight end with size and strength.
Indianapolis Colts Draft History (1st round):
07.32- Anthony Gonzalez- WR, Ohio State
08.00- None
09.27- Donald Brown- RB, Connecticut
10.31- Jerry Hughes- DE, TCU
11.22- Anthony Castonzo- OT, Boston College
Over the past couple of years the Colts have really struggled in the way of draft selections.  Gonzalez never really panned out to be the wide receiver the Colts had hoped for and Jerry Hughes was a bust.  Brown and Castonzo have shown promise but have yet to really meet their full potential but they could in due time.  Brown had his best season as a pro and looks to build on that this season, Castonzo was effective and will be relied on more with a new quarterback in the backfield. 

When you are rebuilding there are many key pieces that must be added, the Colts will be looking to find that dominance they once had,  it will begin in the draft and in the free agent market.