Early in the season the "Giants" of the east looked primed to run away with the NFC East title and a safe spot in the playoffs, but loses to the Redskins and a goose egg laid in Atlanta have left them tied with Washington D.C. The latter taking the advantage thanks to record within the division.

There are a plethora of issues that need to sorted out before the defending champs have a chance of making the playoffs let alone a Super Bowl run but a few biggies will brought up within this angry Giants fan rant your about to flip through. A deplorable effort against the Falcons yesterday was the most embarrassing defeat by a Giants team in years. But its also just the sort of defeat a Coughlin led team needs to turn it around. 

As all Giant fans know they seem to look at their worst just before the turn around. With the playoffs just around the corner its quite conceivable when you take past Giants teams into account that this could still be a great season for the lucky half of football fans in the Tri-State area.