It is rare for anyone to be so right and so wrong in the same article, as I was when I wrote the "Bold Predictions" piece for Football Nation earlier this week.

I was wrong in in just about every instance, except of course the one thing that I didn't want to happen. I said the Cowboys would win and they did. I just thought they would beat New York because they were a better team,not because the Giants insisted on defeat. Here are my five (or so) takeaways from the first Sunday nighter of the 2013 season.

1. New York can take away an opponants number one receiver.
In fact, the defense looked pretty good to me. Other than Jason Witten, who is proving to be a stud in any game he plays in, the Giants handled Dallas' weapons, limited Murray and Romo and totally shut down Dez. The defense came to play. After last year,that is a relief to Giant fans.

2. The Giants have serious running back issues.
From coughing up the ball twice to missed assignments to not picking up your head on a timing route (yes, it was a bad throw, but still), Big Blue's RB's were a disaster, accounting for half the tunovers. Ahmad Bradshaw must be laughing his ass off in Indy. Don't be surprised to see Willis or Turner or whatever veteran RB wandering the free agent wasteland show up in New York like Patrick Swayze in Steel Dawn. These guys need leadership.

3. Jason Witten is the Cowboys' best player, and probably the best all around tight end in football right now.
The Cowboys "Mr. Everthing" killed the Giants as usual. 8 receptions for 70 yards, two scores, owned the middle of the field, flattened fools on his blocking assigments. His only mistake was not grabbing the onside kick out of the air and running for a TD. I hate him so much I can barely type this. But he is the man, no question. You can have Gronk and Graham. Give me Witten.

4. Tony Romo looks, uh ...Average.
His stat line was a snooze, he didn't move the ball with any consistency or authority and was totally out gunned by Eli (who has his own problems). All the weapons were in place, everyone was healthy fireworks. Maybe it's a good thing. I am sure Jerry prefers W's to a fat stat line. I just expected Romo 2.0.

5. These teams don't look very good right now. 
The Giant had six turnovers and nearly won this game. That is a fact. I point to New York's 6 turnovers as their issue, but Dallas couldn't put them away and that is disturbing to any Cowboy fan who is paying attention. Cruz, Nicks and Randle ran through Dallas's secondary like Lamar Odom in a Tijuana pharmacy. Both of these teams showed that they had improved in areas, but neither is a contender for anything at this point. The Manning Bowl is next week and the 'Boys have the vastly improved Chiefs....The NFC East better come correct or be trucked by the NFC West, I can predict that much.