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Here's our preview of the Week 4 Giants-Eagles game, and the kind of stats and analysis we use to pick every game, every week.

Pay particular attention to The Relativity Index. The Eagles are the slightest of favorites at home. But CHFF Insiders know that teams better in the Relativity Index won 67.4 percent of all NFL games last year. It's a key trend to watch, among many we highlight for every game.


N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia (-1)

We all know that turnovers are one of the keys to success in the NFL or at any level of football. We often like to call them the second most important stat in football, after final score.

We don’t track turnovers directly in our Quality Stats – but all those ugly turnovers manifest themselves in so many different ways.

One of the big ways is in our efficiency indicators. Teams that consistently win the turnover battle rank highly in Scoreability and Bendability. Teams that consistently lose the turnover battle rank lowly in Scoreability and Bendability.

The Eagles consistently lose the turnover battle.

As a result, the Eagles are No. 27 in Bendability, our measure of defensive efficiency, and dead last in Scoreability, our measure of offensive efficiency. That’s what happens when your offense coughs up the ball 12 times in three games.

Philadelphia’s Scoreability performance, 26.6 Yards Per Point Scored, is so bad it’s easily on pace to be the least efficient offense since we began tracking the number in 2004. That’s bad.

All those turnovers – nine by Michael Vick alone – also manifest themselves in Offensive Passer Rating (No. 29) and Real QB Rating (No. 30).

The big clash here is Eli Manning and New York’s highly productive passing attack (No. 3 in Real Passing YPA, No. 7 in Real QB Rating, No. 1 with a bullet in Clutch-Osity) against what has been a lights-out pass defense for the Eagles (No. 2 in Defensive QB Rating).

The difference will come when turnover-prone Vick stares down the barrel of New York’s great defensive front: No. 6 on the Defensive Hog Index and No. 3 at pressuring the passer.

The Giants have forced a Negative Pass Play on 1 in 8 dropbacks this season (12.5%). That unit will likely make the one play that tips the balance of power in favor of the Giants.

Pick: N.Y. Giants 24, Philadelphia 21

Giants Eagles
AdvRankValueQuality StatsValueRankAdv
511.23Quality Stats Power Rankings15.5414 
 160-1Quality Standings1-110
37.82Real Passing Yards per Attempt6.3117 
 308.18Defensive Real Passing Yards per Attempt4.806
791.19Real Quarterback Rating60.1230 
 1680.86Defensive Real Quarterback Rating51.022
1096.35Offensive Passer Rating66.2529 
 1383.47Defensive Passer Rating57.031
812.88Passer Rating Differential9.2212 
 114.12Rushing Yards per Attempt4.4010
106.40Negative Pass Plays11.1925 
 1241.03Success % on 3rd Down41.6711
611.00Offensive Hog Index15.3314 
 194.15Defensive Rushing Yards per Attempt4.0114
312.50Defensive Negative Pass Plays11.115 
 1034.48Defensive Success % on 3rd Down28.574
 610.67Defensive Hog Index7.674
97.67The Relativity Index- 2.8318