The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants 24-17 back in Week 1, spoiling Big Blue’s banner-raising night that kicked off the 2012 season.

But the story could be quite a bit different here in Week 8 – at least if our Giants-Cowboys game statistical game table at CHFF Insider is accurate this week.

Our "real and spectacular" game analysis and picks are one of the foundations of CHFF Insider.

We size up each opponent side by side in 20 different Quality Stats, and check off the team that has the advantage in each indicator on the list.

Right now, the 5-2 Giants are surging and back up in ELIte territory. The 3-3 Cowboys have all kinds of problems.

Here’s how the two teams stack up side by side in all of our Quality Stats. It could be quite a big victory for the Giants Sunday afternoon if all goes according to statistical plan – as it often does. New York is better than Dallas, America's (Dumbest) Team, in an incredible 17 of 20 different Quality Stats.

The teams are only two games different in the standings, but worlds apart statistically. (This is an image of the actual table, which is filled with clickable links.)


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