Tony RomoThe curse of the Dallas Cowboys winning in their house against the Giants has remained for four seasons, and last night as messy as this game played out, the AT&T house reverts back to the Dallas Cowboys. The game was one "hot mess". 

Eli Manning started the game off with an interception and ended the game with an interception.

Nice to be consistent. Six turnovers, with the very first one winding up in the arms of Demarcus Ware and as far away from Wilson the intended receiver. The momentum took off from there, and the fans began to believe.

Giants turned the ball over every time in the first three possesions. Starting with a poorly excuted screen play. David Wilson a first round pick in 2012, had a rough night.

Of course filling the shoes of Ahmad Bradshaw is a big big step. Wilson fumbling on his second NFL carry last season winding up in the doghouse and then to double that with two fumbles well, we might not see Wilson again, at least not carrying the ball.

The Giants were itching to give this game away. Scott came in as Wilson was benched and well, things just went downhill from there. Eli Manning's frustration by night's end on repeated errors boiled over. 

Romo and the boys missed out on several gifts for some serious scoring but only managed to get the three point prize. Scoring in the red zone is a must for them to prevail this season. They never did seem to connect. Romo threw a pass intended for rookie Terrance Williams, but it deflected the helmet of Amukamara and into the arms of teamate Ryan Mundy, who went for 91 yards, who should catch him but DeMarco Murray on the 1. 

The entire game was not all about mistakes; the Cowboys' defense rocked the house with Brandon Carr making the point that the Cowboys are serious about turnovers. Monte Kiffin still has what it takes to get the job done.

The Cowboys last season had one of the worst rankings for takeaways with a pitiful total of 16 for last season. They had six in the first game. Brandon Carr returned a interception for 49 yards for the clinching touchdown to seal the Giants' fate. Victor Cruz, although perhaps not a full throttle played well, Nicks strutted too. Not much more to report on highlights for the Giants they just didn't get high.

The Cowboys will take the win, ugly, messy or not. The Giants leave knowing that their luck at AT&T Stadium has run dry. Waiting all day for Sunday Night Football, anticipation soon went by the wayside.