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Steve Spurrier Steve Spurrier is as honest as the day is long. He will be the first one to tell you, he has his own issues and history with the Georgia Bulldogs.

Even dating back to 1965 and 1966, there are certain things about playing Georgia as a player in the 1960s to coaching against them in the 1980s, 1990s and even now that gives him pause and reflection.

Now as the head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, a team which shocked the world and drubbed Georgia last year, 35-7, he is still thought of as, Pete Iacobelli wrote in his piece for the Associated Press today, “Darth Visor.”

It might be a moniker Spurrier secretly enjoys since he is brash, straightforward and knows if people are talking about him, it usually is to complain because he tells it like it is.

And when the Bulldogs and the Gamecocks play Saturday, the sixth ranked team from Columbia could ultimately destroy Georgia’s chances of getting anywhere in the college football landscape this season. Clemson already handed Georgia their first loss of the season, and we all know two losses in a season all but guarantees questions about what went wrong so far so fast.

Spurrier handed Georgia losses in 11 of 12 games as the Gators' head coach from 1990-2001 and even put up 50 points in a game against the Dawgs in a 52-17 drubbing we all still talk about today (even my father, the most diehard of Gator fans).

Now, with Spurrier in Garnet and Black instead of Blue and Orange, the message is still the same and the result could be as well.

Here are three bold predictions for Saturday’s clash…

Role Reversal

Last year, before they could get set on defense, the Gamecocks came out of the gate and scored at will against the Bulldogs. Head coach Mark Richt should have been preaching that all week in practice and game study. Could this be a role reversal? Richt is a mild mannered man who everyone loves, but the loss last season was huge.

Does he come out of the gate and allow Aaron Murray to throw the ball all over the field and keep the South Carolina defense at bay? Can he make enough adjustments so Jadeveon Clowney is not a factor early on in this contest?

I think Georgia scores early and jumps out to a 10 point lead. You know what they say about karma and paybacks.

300 Yards Rushing

Time management might be a huge part of this game plan for both teams. What if both passing games are held in check? It will be a huge night for Todd Gurley and the Bulldogs' ground game. I could see the Bulldogs rack up 300 yards rushing, which would be so uncharacteristic for them, where they change their entire game plan, lead with the run and let Gurley and Keith Marshall control the game through the middle (yes, right at Javedeon Clowney).

Clowney To The Rescue

When all else fails, use your defense to win the game.

I am pretty sure that would be the gameplan of any team that may struggle on offense. Something also tells me Georgia’s offense will not falter after last week’s shootout with Clemson. Sit back and watch Clowney show everyone last week was an abberation and he is a serious Heisman candidate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Clowney has 10 tackles and two sacks of Aaron Murray during the game.