Aaron Murray If the football gods could talk, they would tell you last year’s SEC Championship game should have been the BCS Title game.

If that were the case, would Georgia have stood a better chance of beating Alabama for Georgia’s first national title since 1980 when Vince Dooley was at the helm, whining and talking about the Sisters of the Poor.

If there was a team who could lay claim to the national championship and honestly say they gave Alabama all they could want last season, it was the Bulldogs and head coach Mark Richt.

Now, with most of its offense intact and a defense that must replace key missing parts, this team looks to do what last season’s club could not do -- win a national title.

The quarterback is ready (Aaron Murray) and the running game is sound (Todd Gurley). Now we get to see what the other side of the line can do.

Here are 10 things you need to know about the Bulldogs for the upcoming season.

Aaron Murray is the best quarterback at Georgia since Eric Zeier. This could also be a “Heisman” season for Murray, who figures to be the best to ever wear red and black when is career in Athens is over.

Gurley will be the best in the conference. The one thing about the SEC is it has talented running backs. Todd Gurley figures to be the best. If Aaron Murray is throwing and Gurley is running, this offense could be the best in the nation.

This team will beat South Carolina. After a 35-7 loss to the Gamecocks last season, that essentially sunk any chance of a national title, this team will be hungry to get revenge. Don’t be surprised if Georgia scores 35 of its own points this season.

They will beat Florida. Remember Richt was in Tallahassee when FSU was beating Florida’s behind in the early 1990s. Richt knows how to beat the Gators. This season, Florida could be a better team and still lose to the Bulldogs.

John Theus will be the next All-American lineman. He is huge and just getting started. Theus is the newest in a long line of great Georgia offensive linemen. Being able to play every year against the best talent in the country helps solidify this prediction.

This team will miss Jarvis Jones. I think he was the best defensive player in college football last season. Jones looks a bit undersized in the pros, but that does not mean he wasn’t the best linebacker/rush end in the country. His energy will be sorely missed.

The secondary will need time to readjust. Graduation and defections hurt this team this season. I will beinterested to see what the Bulldogs do to fill holes in the defense and on the back line. Bacarri Rambo will be hard to replace.

Richt could feel some heat. If he does not get Georgia to a national title game soon, Richt could feel heat from donors and the athletic supporters, which is not fair since he is one of the best coaches in the game and a classy gentleman as well.

The kicking game will be better. Last year, Georgia used a freshman for kicking duties, which did not help things. The Bulldogs have always had strong special teams play. This year should be an improvement over last season and may win a game or two for the team.

Tough Schedule. Clemson, South Carolina and LSU in three of the first four games. The Bulldogs could be 3-1 or 1-3 after the first month of the season.