Someone please wake me from this nightmare Georgia called a game! Aaron Murray (Georgia's great QB) told a reporter for ESPN, (and I quote) "I had nightmares about Jadeveon Clowney for the past two nights." Nightmares!! Murray needs to check his manhood - your offensive line is young, but you are considered an elite quarterback. Georgia pulled off an acting job that they were a #5 team in the nation and Murray pulled off a lead performance that fooled Bulldog fans around the nation.

Bacarri Rambo let the wide out for the Gamecocks rip an interception away from him, didn't wrap up on several tackles, and missed coverage assignments. Corner back Branden Smith wasn't a factor where pass coverage was needed. Linebackers Alec Ogletree and Jarvis Jones couldn't contain QB Connor Shaw for the Gamecocks. They all played a wonderful performance of "Walk on Freshman" who tried to play with the big boys. Fans, please remind yourself that these are future NFL stars. Bravo! Bravo!

Coach Mark Richt played the part of a coach that doesn't like to lose - how original! He performed a marvelous role, even though he really doesn't mind. See! coaches like Urban Myer, Nick Sabon, Steve Spurrier, and Lane Kiffin don't like to lose. A coach that doesn't accept defeat will always overcome big obstacles. Spurrrier threw his visor down while leading by 21 points. This is what I'm talking about when college coaches don't bring an intensity to their program.

Finally, Aaron Murray needs to let another QB start in future games. Maybe those nightmares will cease. I give this acting performance a two thumbs up for playing the role of such mediocrity. I wonder what role they will play when the Gators hit the field? I can't wait to see the previews for this horror film.


Sweetheart's Dream

It's October and what a great month it is!

October is my birthday month (21 again!). October is the month I get my kids dressed up and send them in the dark to strangers' homes to fetch me candy. And this just's officially "Nightmare on Gamecock Street" month.

Hey little boy Murray...BOO!

I'm not much for watching football, but when Stuart said there was beer involved, hey, I'm there. Off to the sports bar we went. We arrived early (Stuart said this was a H U G E game, good seats are top priority!) Being the great wife I am, I sat patiently and drank my beer. Around the time I took my first "butt break" from the uncomfortable bar stool, we had kick-off!  

Within minutes, the happiness that had been plastered all over Stuart's face vanished faster than those facial lines on an Olay commercial! 

I won't rehash the car-wreck of a game, I'm just glad I didn't waste my time and money on seeing it in person. How pathetic! I've seen my kids put up more of a fight over a piece of six-month old Halloween candy.

I can't say anymore, I'm starting to feel sick. Please excuse me.