From a fan's perspective, the Washington Redskins defense played terribly familiar this past Sunday at the St. Louis Rams. Familiar as in, squandering a big lead, and letting a seemingly unknown offensive player from the other team have a career day.

Robert Griffin III had a setback game, but no reasonable person should have expected every week to be New Orleans. He did enough, however, to help the team win.

It was the Redskins defense that let the team, the city, and Redskins Nation down yesterday.

Defensive captain London Fletcher, among other things, was quoted as saying, “You know what, defensively we didn’t play well enough to win. I take responsibility for that as a captain of the defense, and I don’t feel good about that. We need to be hard on ourselves. We have to look at the film, see what mistakes we made and come back and be ready to play next week.”

Amidst the brutally physical game, two key defensive starters went down with injuries for the Redskins. Defensive lineman Adam Carriker injured his leg, and was lost for the remainder of the 2012 season. That, we knew.

Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Orakpo injured a pectoral muscle during Sunday's game, as well. At first, it was thought to be minor, relatively speaking. Initially it was reported he would miss four weeks. Further study revealed the worst news the Washington Redskins could have gotten.

Via Twitter, the Redskins reported that Brian Orakpo tore a different part of his left pectoral muscle, which means that like Adam Carriker, Orakpo is also done for the season. His injury requires at least four months to fully recover.