Frankie C’s Excellent Super Bowl Adventure: Day 7
By Frankie C.
Cold Hard Football Facts Bon Vivant

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6 a.m.  I woke up this morning, still feeling pretty proud of myself and the night I had. I feel like I made up in some way for the weak performances earlier in the week. Let’s face it, as we get closer to the game each night becomes more and more important. I’m a believer in the Belichick way of doing things. One drink at a time. Just do your job. I feel like I did that last night. We’ve got a big day today too. I’m going to stay within myself and do my job.

6:10 a.m.  I make my way down to Starbucks and order up a venti recovery drink. Delicious caffeine courses through my belly as I run into Rick Gosselin from the Dallas Morning News. I was introduced to him last year by Kerry so I thought I’d say hello. He has no idea who I am, so I name drop Kerry. He still looked a little iffy, but at that moment Kerry came around the corner and bailed me out. Rick, as I mentioned last year, is a hall of fame voter and we have a quick discussion about who we felt stood the best chance of being elected this year. I, of course, haven’t the foggiest idea. I said Parcells would get in and Curtis Martin wouldn’t (we saw how accurate that turned out to be).

6:25 a.m.  Kerry gets his coffee and we step outside. He, for some fresh air and I for some of the nicotine flavored brand. We rehash last night. Did it even happen? Apparently it did. Kerry’s in awe of my prowess with the ladies. Who isn’t? I can’t believe it myself.

6:40 a.m.  Kerry and I decide to get some breakfast. We return to Osterio Pronto. My girl Kami is back! She’s not our waitress but we get to talk anyway. We have an animated discussion about which one of us is responsible for her not being my server the last couple days. I felt I did my part by showing up and having breakfast there. She thought I should’ve asked to be seated in her section. I disagree. How much of this work should I have to do? Either way, we bury the hatchet. Reconciliation feels good.

7 a.m.  Kerry has to rush off to a meeting. I spend my time alone breezing through some of my blog and napping it out.

9 a.m.  Kerry returns.  I decide to take a walk around the city. Just down the street from the hotel is a beautiful series of canals that wind through the downtown area. It really is stunning. The city has a nice aesthetic as far as government buildings and monuments, including a thoughtful 9/11 memorial. It’s an under-reported aspect of this Super Bowl. This town is legitimately beautiful.

10 a.m.  One downside I picked up on during my walk through is that there are no convenience stores anywhere. I was out of cigarettes and figured there’d be a 7-Eleven or a Store 24. Nope. I could’ve bought them at the hotel but they’re almost double priced there. After walking aimlessly in every direction, I finally broke down and went against all my male stubbornness and asked a police officer. He pointed me in the direction of the only CVS in town, which is of course, a half mile back in the direction I’d just come from.

11 a.m. 
I returned back to the hotel to bang on the keyboard and finish up the blog of day 6.

12:30 p.m.  All done with the blog. Kerry and I are invited to the WEEI Patriots party at the Buca Di Beppo restaurant downtown which started at 12 p.m. but Kerry’s got about 10 phone interviews to bang out before we can go.

2 p.m.  We’re off to the party. The restaurant is like a maze inside. Jam packed with rabid Pats fans and WEEI personalities. Kerry shmoozes us up a couple v.i.p wristbands for back room access where all the media folks are. Well, it’s a party so I start drinking. My “no drinking until dark” plan actually worked out awesome yesterday but today the party starts now. I dive in with a shot and a beer.

3 p.m.  I’m 2 more shots and 3 more beers deep and feeling the buzz. Across the room, I notice Alice Cook from WBZ Sports in Boston. I had seen her at the Belichick press conference yesterday and included what a smoke show she is in the Day 6 blog. Well I had drunk enough to go up and tell her as much. So I marched right over, and with as much smooth as I could find 7 drinks in, told her that I’d been watching her on tv for years but that I had no idea how attractive she was. Well, guess who just lit Alice Cook up like a Christmas tree? Oh yeah, that’s right. I got a “Beauty and the Beast” style picture with her and left her alone before I inevitably said something to destroy my new found goodwill.

4:30 p.m.
  We exit the party to get back to the hotel and get ready for the 2nd big event of the day. I’m officially drunk. Kerry and I stop along the way to talk to some sidewalk preachers about our eternal souls. I feel spiritual refreshed. We continue on to the hotel.

5:00 p.m.  I’m resting up for the Taste of the NFL party tonight. I hope I can pull this off. I’m in the wrapper.

6:00 p.m.  Kerry informs me it’s time to get ready. I briefly despise him.

6:40 p.m.  I’m ready and if I do say so myself, I’m phenomenal. I force Kerry to document the awesome with a photo of me doing the shopping catalog pose.

7:00 p.m.  We head down to the valet, pick up the truck and hit the road to “The Taste of the NFL”. We naturally go the wrong way and have to turn around and backtrack to the event. The event is being held at the Gleaner Food Bank.

As we pull up there are 2 driveways to enter. The first is marked VIP, the second marked Media. Kerry pulls into VIP over my objections. I figure that we’ll have to turn around anyway so what’s the point wasting time being told as much by a parking attendant. We pull up to the attendant who asks for our parking pass. Kerry explains we don’t have one. Before Kerry can finish the sentence the attendant says we have to turn around. Not so fast says Kerry. We have shiny laminated media passes. Kerry then magically hypnotizes the attendant with said media pass and the guy waves us through. I was wrong to doubt Kerry’s wisdom.

7:20 p.m.  We make our way to the media entrance where we are welcomed by about 10 college aged girls. Kerry and I turn on the charm and we immediately pose for pictures with the ladies.

7:30 p.m.  Inside the party we hit the bar for a chivas on the rocks and a beer. We turn around and catch sight of a large breasted hottie pie. We’re already en fuego so we start chatting her up. I’m flexing my eyebrows at her telling her I’d like to “talk” to her in private. It’s right about then that she mentions that she’s married to Morton Anderson, former kicker for several teams and likely future hall of famer. We snap a photo of Kerry and her. The picture doesn’t begin to tell the story of how hot she is.

8 p.m. 
We cruise around the party sampling foods from the cities of all 32 teams. It’s fantastic. I’m shoveling down food at an alarming rate. The point of the party is to battle hunger and I’m doing my part.

9 p.m.   I’m stuffed. I feel like crawling on top of one of the many palettes of food I’m surrounded by and napping it out. Instead I hang in there. Fat, drunk and stuffed is no way to go through life.

10:30 p.m.  Sara Evans takes the stage. She’s the headline act and rocks the house, in a country sort of way. Sara Evans is not ugly.

11:30 p.m.  The event is over. Kerry and I head back to the hotel, but not before we take the wrong way and drive 20 minutes in the wrong direction. It’s a miracle we made it from Boston to Indy.

12:00 a.m.  We stop at the hotel bar and pound one last beer for the night. I’m exhausted. Time to wrap it up for the night. When I wake up and write about today it’ll be Super Bowl Sunday and this place is going to be crazy. Stay classy, Folks.

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