Four NFL Quarterbacks Worse Than JaMarcus Russell

By Michael Quinn
January 25, 2013 12:11 pm
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If you have read my other article about JaMarcus Russell, you know that I don't think there is any place for him in the NFL.

Still, while JaMarcus Russell may go down as the biggest bust in NFL history it's not crazy to think there may be some players who are worse than J. Russ. 

In his short-lived career, Russell was only able to pick up 18 TDs against 23 INTs. 

There are quarterbacks who throw more TDs in a year, while 18 took Russell over two years to achieve.

While I've gone on to call Russell the worst of all time on more than one occasion, it would look foolish for me to say there are currently worse players in the NFL. But after looking at some stats, I'm realizing if the players on this list don't start to step up, they're going to be huge busts along with Russell.

With that said, let's take a look at four NFL quarterbacks who may just be a little worse than the worst of all time.

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2 years ago
You do watch football correct. Every guy on your list is 10 times better than Russell well Tebow maybe 5 times better. The fact you put CLe and Jax Qb's on this list after a aseason is just funny. So by your standards manning could have been on this list.
2 years ago

Weeden is nothing short of terrible, Tebow sucks, Blaine's hanging by a thread, and all the sudden it looks like you're the one who doesn't watch football. Thanks for the read Mr. schniebs
2 years ago

If you think weeden is 10x better than Russell you're insane
2 years ago
Neither Weeden or Gabbert have anybody to throw to or block for them. The jury is still out on both of them. The fact they show up in shape, study film and actually try puts them 10x better than the walrus.
2 years ago
What a bogus list. There's only one reason to come up with it, so you could list Tebow.
2 years ago

Thanks for the support and the read Bartfast! I don't care about Tebow but apparently you do!! If you disagree with the list, why don't you take it upon yourself to write about it? Until than, there's always at least one A-hole per website, so feel free to keep hating.

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