If you have read my other article about JaMarcus Russell, you know that I don't think there is any place for him in the NFL.

Still, while JaMarcus Russell may go down as the biggest bust in NFL history it's not crazy to think there may be some players who are worse than J. Russ. 

In his short-lived career, Russell was only able to pick up 18 TDs against 23 INTs. 

There are quarterbacks who throw more TDs in a year, while 18 took Russell over two years to achieve.

While I've gone on to call Russell the worst of all time on more than one occasion, it would look foolish for me to say there are currently worse players in the NFL. But after looking at some stats, I'm realizing if the players on this list don't start to step up, they're going to be huge busts along with Russell.

With that said, let's take a look at four NFL quarterbacks who may just be a little worse than the worst of all time.