Football Nation presents the first episode of “Monday Morning Huddle” with a special Thursday pilot show. In this first week’s episode, host, Dave Holcomb, debates the latest on Jonathan Vilma, New York Jets contract dispute with All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, and other current relevant news around the NFL and Football Nation. This show also features, for the first time ever, the ‘Player under the Microscope’ and ‘Fourth and Long’ segments.

For more debate on the ‘Player under the Microscope’ and the New York Jets search Dave Holcomb. 

This Weeks’ Recommended Work

-         FN Today Podcast: Tebow-Sanchez Circus Will Blow Up in Jets Face by Alex Reimer

-          Justin Blackmon Arrested for DUI by Anthony King

-          The NFL Should Adopt a Draft Lotteryby William Cornelison

This Week’s Corrections
-          Justin Blackmon (not Blackmore) is a Wide Receiver, not a Defensive Player.
-          Darrelle Revis has 10 interceptions since 2009.
-          Several mispronunciations (I will get better I promise).

This Week’s Music
Album: Fleetwood Mac
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Songs: Blue Letter, Landslide, Over My Head
Theme Song: Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac