On this week's show, host Dave Holcomb tries to keep it sweet, but of course he digresses.

He opens the show on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade of Cornerback Eric Wright to San Francisco for a conditional draft pick. As Bucs coach Greg Schiano looks to continue to set a tone in Tampa Bay, did San Francisco just steal another good player away for almost nothing?

In the second segment, Dave discusses the latest NFL fashion from "Free Hernandez" hats, to top selling jerseys, and wearing hats of opposing teams and/or cities. Four of the top ten selling jerseys of the past three months are players who had not played a down yet in the NFL one year ago.

To conclude, the show moves into the 'Fourth and Long' segment featuring which teams might surprising miss the playoffs this year, what players might struggle, and the latest updates on Johnny Football. 

Thanks to all the listeners out there. Our next show will be during training camp, unbelieveable.

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Look out for my Terrible Towel slideshow coming out sometime July 22.

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