Football Nation presents the ninth episode of “Monday Morning Huddle”. In this week’s podcast, host, Dave Holcomb interviews guest star Tyler Sipala as the two debate the status of both New York football teams. Sipala also reveals a few fantasy football tips for fans preparing for their drafts. Holcomb finishes with a segment dedicated to the Cowboys and the ‘Fourth and Long’ segment.

This Week’s Recommended Work
-              NFL Preseason Week 2: Giants Claim Bragging Rights over Jets by Michael Stewart
-              Dallas Cowboys: Chad Johnson A Perfect Fit by Steve Shackelford
-              Dallas Cowboys: Jason Witten Injury Good For Wide Receivers by Steve Shackelford
-              2012 NFL: Five Super Bowl Sleepers by Jake Smith
This Week’s Music
Album: Cloud Nine
Artist: George Harrison
Songs: Got My Mind Set On You, Fish On the Sand, When We Was Fab
Theme Song: Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac
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Twitter: @dmholcomb
Facebook: Dave’s Football News
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