We've assembled some of Football Nation's top contributors to play the role of GM in our upcoming FN community mock draft.  Each GM has laid out their game plan for the how they plan to tackle the first round. The links to each team's predraft strategy are below.

We'll roll out the mock draft selections very soon.  Stay tuned.

1.  Colts (Sam Adams)
2.  Redskins (Brad Berreman)
3.  Vikings (John Quinn)
4.  Browns (Joe Fell)
5.  Buccaneers (Chris Bruno)
6.  Rams (Christina Armani)
7.  Jaguars (Jay Flannelly)
8.  Dolphins (Leo Baratta Jr.)
9.  Panthers (Zeke Hamblin)
10.  Bills (Josh Bauer)
11.  Chiefs (Cooper Allen)
12.  Seahawks (Jason Stolberg)
13.  Cardinals (Matt Stein)
14.  Cowboys (Jacob Hernandez)
15.  Eagles (Jesse Klapper)
16.  Jets (Jeff Sperber)
17.  Bengals (Jarrod Argobright)
18.  Chargers (Mike Luca)
19.  Bears (Tom Pollin)
20.  Titans (Shawn Kopf)
21.  Bengals (Jarrod Argobright)
22.  Browns (Joe Fell)
23.  Lions (Kyle O'Connor)
24.  Steelers (Jason Bates)
25.  Broncos (Jonathan Porter)
26.  Texans (Dakota Crawford)
27.  Patriots (Eddie Asaley)
28.  Packers (Jaren Haser)
29.  Ravens (Jessie Heller)
30.  49ers (Daniel Hutchinson)
31.  Patriots (Eddie Asaley)
32.  Giants (Danny Fresh)