Football Nation proudly presents the fourth episode in season three of "Monday Morning Huddle" with host Dave Holcomb. After last episode's discussion of the NFC West, again this week's podcast begins debating the new huge contract Colin Kaepernick received from the San Francisco 49ers. Which side does it favor more and will more contracts be structured like Kaepernick's?

In the second segment, Holcomb takes two of Football Nation's top stories and disagrees with them. First, Patrick Barber lists three teams that should make a quarterback change before the season starts, but one of the franchises has made the playoffs each of the last three seasons. Next, Ryan Hutson names five coaches with something to prove this season, but does a two-time Super Bowl winning coach really have something to prove?

Finally, the show ends with four statements in the 'Fourth and Long' segment. To start, Tom Brady and whether he is still an elite quarterback. Then, the draft potentially moving to other cities around the USA and whether fans should believe Pete Carroll in saying that if he could do it over, he would not leave USC. Lastly, the NFL announced it would use Super Bowl 50 as its logo rather than Super Bowl L.

Monday Morning Huddle will return in two weeks, on Monday, June 23rd.

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