In Week 4, the NFL reached an agreement with its referees and ended its long, national nightmare (a.k.a. replacement refs). With that fiasco over, the media is now able to focus on an old favorite: Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez

After suffering a humiliating 34-0 defeat to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, the the New York Jets are reeling. To make matters worse, wide receiver Santonio Holmes suffered a foot injury, leaving his status in doubt. The media and fans in New York are riled up, and the chants have begun:

Bench Mark Sanchez and start Tebow at quarterback.

Despite the public outcry, Jets head coach Rex Ryan isn't ready to make a QB change...yet. Jets owner Woody Johnson also backed Sanchez during an interview with Bloomberg, but also said that getting Mitt Romney elected president is more important to him than his team having a winning record.

Not exactly votes of confidence, are they?

Look, while Sanchez isn't the superstar QB that the Jets pay him to be, it's not all his fault. He cam into this season with only the enigmatic Holmes as a viable downfield threat, little depth at running back and a more conservative "ground and pound" offense installed by new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. The only main acquisition the team made on offense? Tebow.

While Ryan and Sanchez deserve their share of blame, the majority of it should fall on General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, who put this team on the field and made former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer the fall guy for last season's disappointing 8-8 season. On top of that, he signed Sanchez to a contract extension in March, then went out and traded for Tebow.  Thus, a train wreck was born.

If the tailspin continues, expect Ryan to have no choice but to play Tebow. Don't expect much in the way of victories, but it sure will be entertaining to watch, especially off the field. And even more fun for the media to cover.

The New York Giants (particularly their underachieving defense) thank you for that.

Tony RomoOther quick-hit observations from Week 4:

  • Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Rom threw 5 interceptions (two of which were returned for touchdowns) in a 34-18 loss to the Chicago Bears. Ah, that's the Romo we all know and love. No word yet if Starter has cancelled their "Romo Responds" ad campaign.

  • Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is at it again, ignoring and then walking away from offensive coordinator Mike Tice during Monday's win over the Cowboys. On Tuesday, Cutler dismissed the incident and supported Tice. As much as we like to call Cutler a diva, he may deserve a pass - after all, this is Tice we're talking about here.

  • Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said that Matt Cassel is still the team's starting quarterback, but also said that backup Brady Quinn could see some action. Wow, this is the weakest set of candidates this side of the presidential election.

  • Does State Farm really have to continue with its "Discount Double Check" commercials with Aaron Rodgers for yet another season? They weren't funny the first time around, and now it's just painful to watch.


Enjoy Week 5, and be sure to practice your Tebowing.