Florida State Will Win National Championship, & Other Predictions

By Carlin Hertz
September 21, 2012 4:43 pm
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TennesseeSo far college football has been a snoozer. Nothing surprising has occurred in this early season. We knew Alabama would beat Michigan.

Maybe the wide margin of victory was surprising, but all sports fans knew the Tide would roll.

Sure Notre Dame is undefeated, but after all, how long did we expect Notre Dame to stay down and not contend?

Was USC losing to Stanford, really that shocking? No

Stanford is a well-coached team, will win 10-plus games and will contend for the PAC-12 title, so that wasn’t surprising. 

UCLA is a surprise, but talent has never been a problem, it was coaching. Now that they have a good coach, with a good system, they will win many more games. Beating Nebraska wasn’t shocking because the Huskers have been an iffy team since their move to the Big 10. 

Drum roll please. 

The SEC will not play in the National Championship game this year. Yes you read that correctly.  Neither Alabama nor LSU will be there in January playing for the title.


Alabama is playing a cream puff schedule (see wins over Western Kentucky, an overrated Arkansas team, and future wins against Florida Atlantic and Western Carolina). They would have to go undefeated and beat LSU to play for the National Championship. 

After LSU, Alabama and maybe Georgia, the SEC is not that strong of a conference. I’m not sold on Florida yet, but they won’t be an easy outing for any SEC team. But here is where things start to shake up, Bama will lose three games.

Are you ready for this?  Mark down October 13th at Missouri. The Tigers will upset the Tide. That wide open offense that Mizzou runs will give the Tide fits. I know Nick Saban is a defensive guru, but I think Missouri will have figured out the SEC by then and take down the Tide. Now, here is where things get more interesting . . .

In back-to-back weeks on November 3rd and 10th, the Tide will lose to LSU and Texas A&M. The LSU loss will be no surprise, but the Aggies will reap the benefits of playing a Bama team that just lost a physical game against LSU. 

Don’t get too excited Tigers fans because I have bad news for you . . .

LSU will fall to Florida at the Swamp on October 6th. They will still make the SEC Championship game where they will lose to SEC East champ Georgia. 

The PAC-12 champion will be crowned this Saturday. I’m going out on a limb and say that the champion will not be the Ducks, but the Arizona Wildcats. The “Desert Swarm” is back on the offensive end as Rich Rodriguez has the Wildcats on fire. 

After the turmoil in Michigan, Rich Rod is on a mission to prove the nation wrong. Truth be told, he is one of the best coaches in the country and will shock the world Saturday night in Eugene. Expect a high scoring game, but the Wildcats will make the necessary stops to beat the Ducks. 


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By Carlin Hertz
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3 years ago
very interested article ... i had to re read a couple of the lines like what!!!!! lol but i too think bama need be on high alert come that game against mizzou.. also i think the heisman will reside in morgantown .. b/c of the arm of geno smith.. i dont think wvu will win out but their qb is awesome... but the most important thing is THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WILL RETURN TO TALLAHASSE THIS YEAR... I COULDNT AGREE MORE... AND EJ LOOKED THE PART THIS PAST SATURDAY NIGHT .. BUT OVERALL NICE ARTICLE
3 years ago
Stay tuned. I was impressed with Kansas State over the Sooners. Look out for the Wildcats!
2 years ago
Mr. Hertz may need to go back to the drawing board on some of his predictions here. Just saying, Georgia doesn't seem to have what it takes to win the SEC East... Florida State doesn't seem to have what it takes to win an NC... Missouri doesn't seem to be able to win a SEC game... Bama appears to be taking care of business... Florida will most likely win the SEC East... And although the PAC-12 is playing well, they have no defense. I fully expect to see Oregon and Alabama in the National Championship game, everything else leading up to that point is irrelevant.
2 years ago
Do you believe in miracles? Missouri over Bama. FSU plays down to their competition but lost. Oregon plays tough D, but they still have to play USC, Stanford and Oregon State. South Carolina shocked me. They are legit and will take care of Florida. LSU is overrated. No offensive creativity and their defense has been figured out.
2 years ago
So far, the predictions are horrible! Alabama took care of Mizzou, Florida took care of SC, Oregon trashed Arizona. FSU does not look good at all.
2 years ago

My crystal ball was fuzzy. I actually have a new found respect for Bama. They should play Oregon in the national championship. Playing Florida in the SEC title game will be a dogfight. I underestimated Florida big time and didn't realize how good Oregon's defense really is.
2 years ago
Huge respect to you for your reply, Carlin! I hope it is Bama and Florida in the SEC championship game. I'd also like to see the SEC and PAC match up for the BCS championship.

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