The game of college football is filled with heated rivalries that have shaped the sport as we know it today. These games bring thousands of fans every year together for 60 minutes of pure jubilation and pageantry.

Only to yield at games end a heartbroken fan base who can only ponder what went wrong. This also leaves the opposing side filled with excitement and the ability to hold bragging rights for another 360 days.

That excitement and fierce competition is always on full display for the annual Florida State versus Miami game. This game has produced countless amounts of NFL talent and arguably is the best rivalry in college football.

In recent years this game has lost a lot of luster and importance on the national stage. This is primarily due to both teams under achieving by historic measurements. Prior to the 2006 season these two teams met with national rankings at stake which featured a plethora of blue chip athletes and legendary coaches. Since then neither team has finished the season ranked or in national title contention in the same year.

Miami smoke pre game What does it all mean? These two teams love to hate one another but in order to restore the epic aura; they need each other to win and win soon. Outside of the die hard fan base this match-up does not spark any feelings if neither team has anything to lose.

Heading into the third week of the college football season Miami suffered a setback with a lop-sided loss to an over achieving Kansas State team but rebounded with a win over Bethune Cookman College. Under normal circumstances the Seminoles want to see the Hurricanes suffer embarrassment. However, both teams need to take care of business and win the games they are supposed to win.

This will help restore the hype that has always surrounded this game on a national level. The stakes are very high as the reputation of the ACC conference and this rivalry are hanging in the balance.  The Seminoles can only hope the Canes win out heading into their October 20th match up.

In a perfect world October 20th will pit a top ranked Florida State team against a streaking hot Miami team looking to improve their ranking. This may lead to the first of two meetings foreshadowing an ACC championship game showdown for all the marbles.

This would be a statement that the ACC was looking to make when they elected to place both schools in the same conference. The college football landscape has been deprived of this speed, flare and overall hard hitting from two historic dynasty programs.

There can be no beautiful victories or epic battles without something being worth the fight. From here until October these two teams better become biggest fans of one another.

Fans have been waiting six years for this to come about so what is another six weeks? FSU- Miami should be well worth it.