After a huge victory against the Pittsburg Steelers, Tony Romo and te Dallas Cowboys now find themselves in the driver's seat for the division crown.The NFL is all about parody.

Locked in a 3-way tie for first place in the NFC East at 8-6, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants find themselves coming down the stretch at the most pivotal time of the year once again. But unlike the past few seasons, these two teams are pulling in opposite directions.

Since their Super Bowl victory against New England in 2009, the New York Giants have been known for their slow starts and hot finishes to the seasons, while the Dallas Cowboys have been the opposite, starting seasons relatively strong before stumbling down the stretch to cost them playoff berths.

A funny thing is happening this year though; The Cowboys are the team putting it together late in the year. After starting off 3-5, the Cowboys have reeled off victories in five of their last six match-ups (although the one loss was a crucial defeat to the Washington Redskins, the third team in this equation) including huge victories against the Bengals the day after teammate Josh Brent and Jerry Brown were involved in a DUI accident that left Brown deceased and Brent facing serious charges, and the Steelers. The Cowboys are finally showing true heart and a toughness that has been lacking from this team for years.

Consequently, the Giants find themselves stumbling down the stretch. After beginning the season 6-2 and looking as if they would run away with the East, they have lost four of their last six games, and have been inconsistent at best in doing so. After losing to Washington 17-16 in week 13, they responded in week 14 by handling the Saints 52-27, only to turn around and take a 34-0 shellacking against the Atlanta Falcons.

The NFC is coming down the stretch once again this year, and with Philadelphia playing both Washington and New York, not to mention the week 17 match-up of Washington and Dallas that could and most likely will decide the division champs, this time it’s New York on the outside looking in while Dallas (and of course Washington) control their own destiny.

My, how the tables have turned.