The Five Worst QBs To Ever Win A Super Bowl

By Matt Kosek
February 08, 2012 2:00 pm
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The Lombardi Trophy is the most coveted honor in all of sports. The sheer brutality and physical demands of an NFL season make it that much sweeter when a team finally reaches their ultimate goal. All the hard work culminates in that all-glorious moment when one team is left standing victorious. Arms raised; confetti raining down from the sky; their prize hoisted in the air as it glistens in the midst of the stadium lights.

They are at the top of their sport.

And who’s the person most likely responsible for leading them there? The one who holds the ball - and therefore the fate of the team - in his hands. The hero, who despite all the odds stacked against him, drives his troops down the field in one of the most magnificent performances of his career - a drive that will forever immortalize him and solidify his place among the all-time greats…

The quarterback.

Some of the best to play the game have secured their place in eternal football glory by leading their team to the Promised Land.

These next five guys…eh, not so much.

These aren’t your Joe Montanas or Troy Aikmans. These are the five worst quarterbacks to ever win the Super Bowl.

5. Mark Rypien

Career Stats:
Pass Comp. Pass Att. Comp Pct. Pass Yds. TD INT QB Rating
1,466 2,613 56.1 18,473 115 88 78.9
1991 Stats:
GS Pass Comp. Pass Att. Comp Pct. Pass Yds. TD INT QB Rating
16 249 421 59.1 3,564 28 11 97.9
How the Redskins won Super Bowl XXVI: Actually, Rypien had himself a hell of a game and was named the Super Bowl MVP. He completed 18 of 33 passes for 292 yards and 2 TDs with only one interception. This really isn’t a surprise since Rypien led the NFC during the regular season in both passing yards (3,564) and touchdowns (28). Also, with 249 out of 421 completions and only 11 interceptions, he earned the second-highest passer rating in the league (97.9). Washington was a well-oiled offensive machine, leading the NFL in the regular season with 485 points. Rypien had plenty of options to look to down the field with wide receivers Gary Clark, Art Monk and Ricky Sanders all having prolific regular seasons. He spread the wealth early on, the Redskins jumped out to a 24-0 lead early in the third quarter, and the Bills were never able to recover.

Why Rypien is on this list: Because he wasn’t a consistent NFL starter, and definitely not someone you could build a franchise around. 1991 was by far the best season of his career. His passer rating fell to 71.2 the following season and he threw more interceptions than touchdowns (17 to 13). Needless to say, he was released by the team following the ’93 season and went to the Browns to serve as their backup.

4. Jim McMahon

Career stats:
Pass Comp. Pass Att. Comp Pct. Pass Yds. TD INT QB Rating
1,492 2,573 58.0 18,148 100 90 78.2
1985 Stats:
GS Pass Comp. Pass Att. Comp Pct. Pass Yds. TD INT QB Rating
13 178 313 56.9 2,393 15 11 82.6
How the Bears won Super Bowl XX: Defense. The ’85 Bears are highly regarded as the best defensive unit of all-time. Buddy Ryan’s blitzing “46” defense - anchored by middle linebacker Mike Singletary - went 15-1 during the regular season and held seven opponents to fewer than 10 points. Their dominance carried over into the postseason as well. They shut out the Giants 21-0 in the NFC Divisional Playoff and then did the same to the Rams in the NFC Championship the following week, winning 24-0. In the Super Bowl, they held the Patriots to a total of seven yards rushing in a 46-10 blowout. I may be a little biased since I’m a Bears fan, but we will never see another defense like the 1985 Chicago Bears. Ever.

Why McMahon is on this list: Defense. That’s the main reason the Bears won that Super Bowl. You don’t have to do much when the other side of the ball simply does not allow the opponent to score. McMahon did have two touchdowns during that game, but, ironically, neither of them were through the air. His final stat-line was 12 completions for 256 yards and 0 TDs - 139 of those passing yards went to receiver Willie Gault on just four receptions. And if it weren’t for his two rushing touchdowns (he became the first QB to accomplish that feat in a Super Bowl), McMahon would have had an otherwise forgettable performance. There’s a reason he played on six other teams after he left the Bears in 1988. Jim McMahon was an average quarterback who happened to find himself playing alongside the greatest running back ever with the most imposing defense of all time keeping every game within reach. That being said, he was at the helm when my beloved Bears won their only Super Bowl. And for that I will be forever grateful.


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By Matt Kosek
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3 years ago
Doug williams is the only black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and is In the college football hall of fame. Great research but still Brad Johnson should be on the list ahead of him, seeing how Williams won the MVP of the big game and Johnson did not.
3 years ago

I agree that if we're only going by how they performed in the Super Bowl itself, then Brad Johnson should definitely be on the list instead of Williams. But I was looking at their overall body of work and Johnson definitely had the better career. He has almost twice as many passing yards as Williams (29,054), 66 more TDs, and ranks 37th in career passer rating with 82.5 compared to Williams' 69.4. Johnson actually ranks higher than both Warren Moon and Troy Aikman in career passer rating. From 1995-2007, he completed over 60% of his passes ever single season; the first quarterback in NFL history to do so. Finally, he has almost twice as many career wins as a starter (72 to 38). When you compare the numbers, the two guys aren't even close. I was originally going to do a top ten and had Johnson at #6 but eventually decided on limiting it to just the top five.

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