Five Things I Hate About the 2012 NFL Season

By Dilan Ames
November 13, 2012 4:34 pm
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From disappointing players and coaches to the replacement refs, there have been many things to hate about this year in the NFL.

While there are several things to love, such as the Texans' franchise finally shining in the AFC South or RG3 living up to his hype, it's more fun to talk about the things that really grind my gears this season.

I've been given plenty of material to work with, and it was a little tough narrowing it down to five, but I was finally able to. Here are the top five things I hate about the 2012 NFL season.

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By Dilan Ames
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2 years ago
2 years ago

I'll assume this is a good thing haha.
2 years ago
Made my day.
2 years ago

Glad to hear it!
2 years ago
Cam Newton is a longgggg way from Auburn
2 years ago
"I used to think that Snooki and Mike The Situation were the most annoying pair in Jersey, but I was wrong."

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Good one, Dilan!
2 years ago
I am thankful for you, Dilan!
2 years ago
I think Sanchez would be a good quarterback in another system and Tebow is a horrible fit for this team. They need to cut ties with both and draft a top tiered QB and maybe get him some decent weapons this time around. I would like to see Sanchez in the NFC somewhere next year and Tebow...well I don't know where I would like to see him. Nice work Dilan!

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