With Thanksgiving weekend here and the Bengals sitting at 6-4 and 2nd in the AFC North behind a tied division lead with Ravens and Steelers, the Bengals take on in state rival the Cleveland Browns. This is a list of things Bengals fans should be thankful for.

5. Great Defensive play
Defense is definitely something the Bengals can thank thanksgiving weekend when they take on the Browns in a division battle. But something that they SHOULDN'T be thankful for is injuries starting to happen in their defensive backs. The defensive line has performed very well, ranking in the top 5 in rushing yards against. Defensive backs have played exceptionally well also, ranking in the top 5 in pass defense.

4. Getting rid of Carson Palmer
If they didn't get rid of Palmer early in the season, they were going to get distracted very quick and this team was going to fall off the map. Palmer was holding this team back for a number of years. Although he and Chad Ochocinco were once a great pair, they weren't anymore.

3. Andy Dalton
Other than Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, has any other rookie been more impressive than Dalton? He got criticized on draft day for not having the proper "arm strength" to succeed in the NFL, but he has proved all doubters wrong this season. Dalton came into a bad situation as the Bengals they were in the offensive rebuilding process.

2. A.J. Green
This kid is ridiculous! He came in after being picked No. 4 overall and has been no less than amazing. With a TD in almost every game hes played in this season, Green could've been a difference maker in the Ravens game last Sunday if he wasn't injured. We will see what Green has on his Thanksgiving plate Sunday.

1. Easy Schedule
The Bengals were blessed with a very easy overall schedule heading into the season, and they've made pretty good use of it. All of their losses have come to teams with a .500 record or better (Titans, Steelers, Broncos, and Ravens).