Five Super Bowl Winning Coaches Who Didn't Deserve Their Win

By Gary Jordan
January 26, 2013 5:21 pm
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Some achieve greatness, others have it thrust upon them.

This saying is particularly true when it comes to certain Super Bowl-winning head coaches.

There have been many coaching greats of the game, Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, Bill Walsh, Bill Belichick to name a few.

There have been some that have had a bit of luck fall their way and perhaps should not be mentioned on the same page as the list above. Of course the list is a short one with only 27 coaches having won the big game.

So with that in mind, who are the five least deserving Super Bowl-winning coaches of all time? Read on to find out.

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By Gary Jordan
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2 years ago
Bro how are you gonna put Dungy in Indianapolis and not put Gruden for winning with a Dungy built Tampa team. Dungy is more deserving than Gruden.
2 years ago

Because he didn't have to lead that Colts team, Peyton did that for him.
2 years ago

He had to coach it. So with that comment as a Cowboys fan Gary....Your saying the QB has the control of the game and Romo is to blame for the Cowboys failures and not Garrett?
2 years ago

I believe were talking Super Bowls on this article, and since neither of those two have been to one yet, I decline from making comment on them Brandon.
2 years ago

I totally agree with you, in his first season with TB, Gruden took the team that Dungy built to the Super Bowl, but it was five seasons of coaching and building in Indy to get the Colts to a SB win
2 years ago

In my opinion Indy doesn't win SB without Mannings on field playcalling.

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