Five Reasons Why The Seattle Seahawks Will Not Repeat in 2014

By Doug Tozier
February 04, 2014 8:28 am
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It quickly became evident to even the casual observer that the Seattle Seahawks were a class above the Denver Broncos. Sure, even this author initially saw the Broncos as the better team, at least from a purely statistical standpoint.

But Seattle soon proved that a swarming, stingy defense was of much greater value than an explosive offense. In fact, we have seen this before; just ask the 2007 New England Patriots. Yards, points, and especially records, mean absolutely nothing in the hot lights of the Super Bowl.

It wasn't a flawless performance by Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, but clearly the steam had gone out of the Broncos game, while Seattle hit on all cylinders, all day long, on both sides of the ball.

We may never know why the Bronco offense fizzled in the most critical hour. And there will certainly be much renewed ballywho over who is the greatest QB...

The bottom line is still that Wilson had his way, and the defense stuffed every effort of Peyton Manning and the vaunted offense of Denver. But before the word "dynasty" is heard, let me share five reasons the Seahawks will not be receiving the Lombardi trophy in 2014/15...

1. Revenge...

Seattle now has a target on their collective backs, and they will be looking over their collective shoulders at the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints, who they beat in the playoffs to earn this SB berth and win. And don't count out the Panthers, who fell far short of their goal in 2013.

2. Tough NFC West division...

It's those Niners, along with the improving Arizona Cardinals, who will be nipping at the heels of the defending SB Champs. John Harbaugh and Bruce Arians will have a lot of incentive to find ways to beat this talented Seattle team.

3. Repeating is a monumental task...

Besides the aforementioned target, there is the inevitable task of creating a new year's worth of game planning to combat a fresh schedule, coupled with the ever evolving roster of players that will be faced. And when you think of the possibility of the injury bug, much like the Patriots faced this past season, a depleted roster would derail such aspirations.

4. Pete Carroll...

Raw enthusiasm can only carry a team so far. Carroll's job will be to keep up the excitement over a long offseason, while warning his players not to allow their cockiness to impede further progress, growth, and their competitive prowess. In other words, "How the mighty have fallen... meets... pride goeth before a fall" is a very real and common malady in sports.

5. Pedestrian offense...

Wilson and Co. did enough to win... handily, but clearly rode their defense to this victory. Another tough defense in the same venue would do the same to Seattle's anemic attack. While 208 yards and two TDs isn't horrible, it also wasn't accompanied by scary running (Percy Harvin led the team with 45 yards rushing).

Denver, on the other hand, coupled anemic offense WITH anemic defense, to hand the 'Hawks the walk off win. Denver needed a better offensive game plan, and to figure out a way to stop what little offense the Seahawks mustered. They failed.

Granted, Wilson is hard to handle/catch, but just one or two big plays make this game winnable for the Broncos, or any team they might face in the near future. Any team can be beaten, as the Seahawks did at the hands of the Colts, Niners, and Cardinals during the regular season.

Once the postseason rolls around, it only takes one let-down to send you home.

All of this boils down to the extreme unlikelyhood that the Seahawks have a chance at winning a second Super Bowl following the 2014 season.

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By Doug Tozier
Senior Writer
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18 months ago
Doug-repeat or not, Russell Wilson is now officially off to the best start ever for a QB that has started for 2 years in the NFL. He now has more Reg. season wins and playoff wins in 2 years than any QB ever. Now, he is going to have to keep it going in order to catch Brady's 3 year totals. And then really keep it going to catch Brady's 4 year totals.
18 months ago

18 months ago

I think Wilson has it in him to keep going and become just a downright bad ass and as for the rest of the team we have a bad ass D now we need to work on Wilson and the rest of out O make it a little more rounded out and I think we could repeat
18 months ago
Their offensive performance might have been 'pedestrian' to you, but it was dictated by the fact that it was all they needed.
18 months ago
Good stuff, Doug. Completely agree that it will be tough for this team to repeat. They have a bunch of contracts to deal with over the next couple of offseasons as well.
18 months ago
Wow. You speak as if ANY of Seattle's games have been something other than a blatant ruse, as I have NEVER seen a more epitomizing example of RIGGED or BOUGHT games! The 12th man?'s the crooked ass play calling that wins games FOR the Seabisquits'!!! The winner of SB 48 was decided long before the last Sunday. The Seachickens' didn't win that game, it was given to them!!!! This is the very thing that destroyed professional boxing, and the NFL is doing a far less convincing job than professional boxing did, so don't insult our intelligence with this trash! Write an article about what is really going on in the NFL if you want to give your readers something to consider.
18 months ago

Please go write your rants in your own forum. I won't stoop to this in mine.
18 months ago

Ignore him Doug. People who don't have a clue have to lash out like this.
18 months ago
You didn't list players wanting more money,and the salary cap.
18 months ago

Ah a good point to have included in the injury classification, etc.
18 months ago
Bottom line... your reasons why Seattle won't repeat are: "because winning a Super Bowl is hard." Most of these reasons you give apply to every team; not sure I learned anything new. This could very well be a "Why will not win the 2015 Super Bowl."

"Raw enthusiasm can only carry a team so far."

That's what people said before he won the Super Bowl.

"Another tough defense in the same venue would do the same to Seattle's anemic attack."

Yeah like all the tough defenses they beat this year. Again, non-reasons.

"just one or two big plays make this game winnable for the Broncos"

18 months ago

EDIT: That was supposed to say "Why insert team name will not win the 2015 Super Bowl"
18 months ago

YOu are certainly entitled to your opinion, as I am. My reasons are as good as any. Especially the "anemic attack", which could easily bite them next year.
18 months ago

I know I'm entitled to my opinion. Just one more thing I didn't need you to tell me. Maybe this is your signature style.

Everything and anything could easily bite them next year. Their anemic attack was supposed to bite them this year. It was supposed to bite them in the playoffs. It was supposed to HUGELY bite them in the Super Bowl.

I don't think your reasons are as good as any. I've seen some really good analysis on specific strategic mistakes and/or roster weaknesses that could be an issue. All your reasons are basically "because winning a Super Bowl isn't easy" or "because this thing that was supposed to bite them in the ass this year may bite them next year." So no, not as good as any.
18 months ago
Have you actually seen any games besides the superbowl? In Houston Russell played a hell of a game to come back from behind with some key plays from Sherman and co.. I don't think a team can go 16 and 3 without having an above average to excellent offense. The seahawks are a team built for many angles and adjustments, as this past season has shown. At times it was the defense, at other times it was offense, and occasionally it was great special teams play. This team has 3 major contracts to deal with this year, and more over the next couple of years. Pete has turned a team that nobody wanted to come to into a team that has become a destination, you may call that "Rah-rah", I call good coaching and management of talent. Whether you want to believe it or not this team has the potential to be excellent for a very long time. But if you want to continue to hate that's fine it will make future victories all that much more sweet, and will help put more bulletin board material up for these guys to prove wrong.
18 months ago

I don't think he watched every game. He's just continuing with the "weak offense" narrative that has proven to be a non-issue. People need to realize that when you have the #1 defense in the league, you don't need your offense to perform extraordinarily every single game (even if they perhaps could). You need them to perform when it matters. And so far it has, as in the example you posted, where Russell single-handedly won what was game lost by the defense.

Of course, as he points out, in the end any team can be beaten, and winning a Super Bowl isn't easy, which is why the Seahawks may not repeat (just in case you didn't know).
18 months ago

I could get upset over these useless comments, but will stick to it being my opinion. Wow! We differ in opinions! Get over it. I've been watching football for over 40 years. It's not like I am predicting the future! And yes, This team COULD excel for a long time, or they could fold. Would you care to share how incredible their offense was in the Super Bowl to show that I misconstrued the facts?
18 months ago

Their Offense played to the level they needed. Marshawn was taken out in the 3rd quarter, Russell was pulled in the 4th. You don't honestly believe that they really kept their foot on the gas the whole 2nd half do you? 36-0 in the 3rd and they kept giving it their all? I would love to believe that but the score they got at the end of the 3rd was in "garbage time" I bet if the Hawks only had a 22-0 lead it wouldn't have happened.

All that said, repeating will be hard. But I'll be cheering them as far as they go, and forever! #gohawks
18 months ago

You do sound upset. Don't be. Learn to take criticism. The Super Bowl wasn't the best example of what this offense can do when tasked with winning a game, because they didn't have to. Also, nobody is accusing you of misconstruing the facts. All you've been accused of is stating the tired old narrative of the "pedestrian offense" that has been spewed over the last 3 months as the reason why they wouldn't win the NFCCG, and the reason they wouldn't win the SBXLVIII. You've also been accused of spewing a bunch of useless generic hypotheticals:

"Raw enthusiasm can only carry a team so far."
"It only takes one let-down to send you home."
"This team could excel for a long time, or they could fold."
"Any team can be beaten."
"A depleted roster would derail such aspirations."

Don't be angry at us for wanting higher quality content than this. Or perhaps title the article "why anyone could lose... or win... anything... at any time..."
18 months ago
I think no one was confident that they were going to win this season, so its not about how experienced the team is ,its about how much they are Mentally Strong. We always make mistake of Ignoring an Underdog

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