One year ago, the NFL world collectively held it's breath as superstar running back Adrian Peterson suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in recent memory.

Adrian 'Superman' Peterson, the man everyone thought was invincible, had torn both his MCL and ACL. 

Everyone knew he was out for the remainder of 2011, and most assumed at least part of 2012. 

Many athletes don't come back from an ACL or MCL tear, or at least give it maximum time to heal.

Peterson tore both, and came back to the game only seven months later.

The world was ecstatic to see Peterson back on his feet, doing what he loves. No one however, expected him to have his best season yet.

Well, that's just what he's done -- 15 weeks in, AP is competing with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for MVP.

Whether it be luck, a miracle, or just the pure brute-like style of Peterson, somehow he is in the MVP talk.

Here are five reasons AP deserves to win the Most Valuable Player of 2012 award.