The 2013 NFL season was filled with many great performances from quarterbacks from all walks of life. Who can forget Andrew Luck's miraculous comeback? Then Aaron Rodgers, fighting and playing through the pain. Not to mention Alex Smith's work at turning the Kansas City Chiefs into a winning team. Based on the performances from last year, I believe the following 5 quarterbacks have something to prove in 2014.

Payton Manning Superbowl 20141. Peyton Manning - I'm sure Broncos fans are still wondering what happened to Peyton in the Super Bowl. As consolotation you told yourself, he threw the game away, it's fixed, or some other explanation. Whatever happened I'm sure Peyton doesn't want to retire on that note. Not to mention living with little brother Eli having two Super Bowl rings as opposed to his one.

Alex Smith Kansas City Cheifs2. Alex Smith - Alex said at the begining of the year he would help make the Kansas City Chiefs into a winning team. Going from only two wins in 2012 to 11 in 2013, Smith proved he was out to do what he said he would. Having an outstanding season, with 23 TDS and an 89.1% rating, I beleive Alex is out to prove he can bring the Chiefs all the way to the Super Bowl.

Andrew Luck Colts Comeback

3. Andrew Luck - With the score, 41-31 at the end of 3 quarters against Smith and the Chiefs, Luck needed to prove why he was the number one all around pick in 2012, and prove it he did, scoring two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to earn him the title of Comeback Kid. Luck and the Colts fell short of the Super Bowl as Tom Brady and the Patriots hammered them 43-22. I believe Luck is out to prove he's not just a one trick pony, he has what it takes to be a tremendous quarterback for many years to come.

 Colin Kaepernick Seahawks interception

4. Colin Kaepernick - After the 49ers said goodbye to Alexm Smith, Kaepernick took the reins and led the Niners to their first Super Bowl since the mid 90s. After losing by one play, Kaepernick was ready to fight in 2013. As their season came to an end, once again Kaepernick described how close it was. If he had thrown the football one foot futher, Crabtree and the Niners would be celebrating instead of the Sherman and the Seahawks. I believe in Kaepernick is out to prove he can get the Niners a Super Bowl win after such a long drought.

Aaron Roders5. Aaron Rodgers - Having to take the job right after Brett Farve, Aaron Rodgers filled those great shoes with tremendous humility and integrity, leading the team to a Super Bowl win after the 2010 season and being named the Super Bowl MVP. With a fracture to his collar bone this year. I think Rodgers will be looking to prove he still has what it takes to make a mark for himself in the NFL history books.