We are six days away from what has been billed by many analysts and fans as the "biggest job interview in the world." The NFL Scouting Combine has become a spectacle. Starting on February 23rd scouts, general managers, draft analysts, and fans will have their eyes fixed on to 330 or so of the most physically-gifted college football players in the country.

If you want to get a glimpse of the athleticism and physical stature of the upcoming players your favorite team is projected to draft, look no further than the NFL Combine.

The NFL, partnered with the NFL Network and Under Armour, has helped this to become an absolute marketing and media frenzy. The beauty of the Combine is how fixated fans and the media get on the “Workout Warriors” that we see blow away the drills and workouts during the week.

Some of the players who perform well will solidify their projected round grades for scouts or some will be overvalued and end up as “busts” in the NFL (insert Mike Mamula jokes here).

Either way the Combine gives us a valuable look at anything and everything that the future players of the NFL have to offer. It is an absolute marvel to watch some of the players do the things they do on the field and in the weight room.

With all that being said make sure you pay close attention to these five players during certain drills. It is a guarantee that they will absolutely electrify the crowd and fans at home with their performance, and maybe even set a few records in the process.