Let's face it people, Matt Cassel is stealing money. That's why the Kansas City Chiefs are trying to talk Cassel into taking a pay cut for the 2013 season. 

Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano can both see that Cassel is not living up to his six-year $63 million contract. Stevie and Jose could probably do a better job of reading coverages and studying film too.

But with all that aside, Matt Cassel should keep his head up. We know that he really is a gamer when it is all said and done and he really wants to win. He is a competitor and his pride is going to keep him driven to live up to the contract he signed.

The best thing that could have happened for Matt Cassel was that the Chiefs' organization decided to change directions and and hire Andy Reid as the new head coach.

Reid is the kind of coach that can turn quarterback lemons into lemonade, and best believe the taste does not get more sour than Cassel. Well maybe if those lemons were of the Mark Sanchez variety they would be more sour. Regardless, Andy Reid is just what the doctor ordered for Cassel's career. 

The Chiefs are going to, more than likely, roll with Cassel for one more season. Frankly for one, in this draft class there really is not a quarterback that is worth taking the risk on and also, the Chiefs have so many holes to fill that a quarterback may be the least of their worries when it is all said and done. The stage has been set for a reclamation project of Matt Cassel being overseen by Andy Reid.

Cassel would not be the first quarterback to look hideous until the right system and coach came along to dust him off and polish him up. There have been plenty of examples of quarterbacks who looked like they could not be fixed only to have their careers resurrected by the right coach or change of scenery.

Here are five quarterbacks that Cassel can draw inspiration from for next season.