Five Greatest Offenses in NFL History

By Peter Tebin
July 20, 2012 2:48 pm
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The NFL has been around for over 90 years with many changes to the game over that time.

One thing never changes and that's the debate over who is the greatest or what great team from different era's would win.

The problem is we will never know as the time machine does not exist in reality so all we are left to do is fantasize over these topics.

We would all love to see Johnny Unitas playing against Ray Lewis or the Steelers' "Steel Curtain" defense squaring off against Drew Brees and the high-powered Saints offense.

The debate's will go on for years to come as long as the game of football is being played!

With the style of football changing each year with different approaches with many teams focusing more on offense with the rules changing to favor the offense.

Now I'll take a look at which NFL teams had the top 5 offenses of all time, in my opinion. The biggest thing I had to look at is the evolution of the offense in the current game compared to the game when defenses dominated the game.

Here goes starting with number 5 team and working up to No. 1.

5. 1950 Los Angeles Rams: The Rams averaged 38.8 points per game while scoring 466 points in 12 games. In a modern day season and at that pace they could have scored over 600 points. Led by Norman Van Brocklin and Bob Waterfield both starting 6 games each at quarterback, the duo combined for 3,709 yards passing and 31 passing touchdowns.

The team also added 1,711 yards on the ground with Glenn Davis leading the charge with 416 yards on 88 attempts. Tom Fears added the bulk of the damage in the receiving game catching 84 passes for 1116 yards. The Rams put up 40 or more points 6 times including 70 against the Baltimore Colts and 65 against the Detroit Lions.

4. 1984 Miami Dolphins: Led by Dan Marino and one of the greatest passing seasons in NFL history the Dolphins averaged 32.1 points per game and ended the year with 513 points. Marino who threw for 5,084 yards breaking the NFL record for most passing yards in a single season, and also threw a record-setting 48 touchdown passes.

Mark Clayton pulled in 73 catches for 1,389 and a league-leading 18 touchdowns. While the other All-Pro wideout, Mark Duper, reeled in 71 catches for 1,306 yards and 8 touchdowns. The Dolphins also put up 1,918 yards on the ground while averaging 119 yard rushing per game! This all happened behind a great offensive line that allowed just 13 times all season!

3. 2007 New England Patriots: This team broke records for most points in a season with 589, most touchdowns by a receiver and most passing touchdowns by a quarterback with 50. That record goes to Tom Brady who also threw for 4,806 yards. While Randy Moss broke the NFL receiving touchdown record with 23 and also put up 1,493 yards receiving. Wes Welker also led the league in 112 catches for 1,175 yards. This team scored more than 40 points four different time including two games in which they won 52-7 and 56-10, and finished outscoring opponents by 19.7 points per game.


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By Peter Tebin
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3 years ago
C'MON! Where's the 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars!!?!? lol
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Maybe the 2012 Jaguars! LOL!

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