Five Free Agents The Oakland Raiders Should Target This Offseason

By Seth Carson
February 19, 2013 2:03 pm
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The Oakland Raiders are known for delivering a tough attitude, mentality, speed, and always a threat to win on any given Sunday. The Al Davis era may be over, but the winning mentality of the team and the city of Oakland hasn't diminished one bit.
Last season was a disaster for the Oakland Raiders, as they went from 8-8 in 2011, to the 3rd worst record (4-12) in the league. Aside from a big draft, the Raiders need to add some beef to their roster, and these five free agents may be enough to get the team back into playoff contention in the AFC next season.

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2 years ago
This should read FA players Oakland should stay away from except Wheeler and maybe Smith. Green is awful, he might beat out T. Jones, and Wallace well all our WR's already provide the exact same service Wallace does. All these guyas would just drag Oakland down.
2 years ago

I appreciate the feedback. You honestly dont feel Mike Wallace would be the perfect compliment to Palmer? The Raiders dont have very reliable receivers per career averages, take a look at Wallace's stats and get back with me on this one. He a 100 reception, 1000 yard, and near 20.0 yards per catch career average guy and still young. They have no-one receiving that comes anywhere close to that type of production per season average. Smith would help the ground game do wonders if they are to keep McFadden as the featured back. You feel upgrading the stale cornerbacks is a bad move? When your best corner only deflects 5 passes in a season, that drags a team down. I get the feeling you arent a big fan of the team and dont watch the games, let alone pay attention to their key stats. Otherwise you wouldnt be in denial over the team's weaknesses and how better players can help the team win. By your logic trading for Alex Smith would be a terrible idea.
2 years ago
Wallace is a great wr, but Oak does not need another burner they need somebody who can go across the middle. Now cut or trade DHB and Ford and sure then add Wallace. Smith I agree would be a plus, and mos def a CB but not DRC, Oakland needs good team guys, besides Oakland I believe is strapped for cash so adding a splash player makes no since for a team rebuilding and broke.
2 years ago

They can make some moves to free up the cap space for Wallace, and tag Wheeler. The rest is up in the air they have plenty of junk contracts to unload, so it's gonna be a very busy off-season in Oakland for certain. They will try to get the remaining defensive help during the draft, but Cromartie wont demand a high price. Wallace is all the honestly need to have a solid offense, but the defense is horrible. Addding Cromartie and tagging Wheeler would make sense, but they have to make the right roster moves, so expect plenty of cuts over the next few weeks. The are rebuilding but it can be a briefs one if they make the right moves John. We'll just have to wait and see.
2 years ago
I agree with all but Shonn Green.Wallace would be a perfect fit for Oakland as would Cromartie and Smith you should send this to the GM.
2 years ago

They need a back that can run for 1,000 yards. McFadden has gone soft and needs to be replaced, but they can used a 2nd or 3rd rounder to develop a back, I agree with you there. If they can make the right cuts this could be a quick rebuilding phase. LOL, I would send it to the GM, but I have to research the right connections first.
2 years ago
I agree with you seth carson those are great free agents to pick up. in need of a shutdown corner.Andre smith will be perfect for mcfadden. whats your opinion on our draft pick i srtongly believe we should draft star louteli DT
2 years ago

If he's there that's the pick at #3. Though having guy like Jarvis James added to re-signing or tagging Wheeler... wow, there's speed in the pass rush, which is another weak area on defense. So, Star is the pick if there, if not I like James, that would be a killer looking defense either way.

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