As heard or read on social media "Mike Smith is a moron!","Rex Ryan is a Genius!"

Make that statement 24 hours ago and they would have taken you to that place where everyone gets coloring books for Christmas every year. Now, after a bevy of Falcon mistakes and Jet brilliance it seems almost reasonable....but it still isn't.

Football, as we all know is fluid by nature. There are no hard and fast rules that drive one team to be better than another. There are emotions, home field advantages and being cursed because some dippy broad wore your jersey to the game.

But there is one thing you can count on.... the overreactions to whatever happened last week.

Some are new and different, like the "Blaine Gabbert is a worse NFL QB than Ryan Leaf!" spray I read on-line. I actually agree with that one. But, I digress.

Most are of that "classic" flavor, the ones that come up every year, the ones that paint with broad strokes, yet always identify the right individual for ridicule and disdain. There were so many this week, but lets just stick to the top five as compiled buy a focus group of drunk congressional aides watching NFL live in a dark closet.