Five Biggest Unsung Heroes In Super Bowl History

By Tom Pollin
January 29, 2013 9:43 am
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This time of year there are plenty of interviews and articles discussing past Super Bowls and all the great performances that have taken place in those XLVI (46 for you non-Romans) games.

The stars and the plays they make get the NFL Films dramatic music and thunderous narration treatment that will exist on highlight reels until the end of time. The players and the work they did to make those highlight reel plays possible are usually left in the shadows or on the cutting room floor.

Here are five players and their contributions, in Super Bowl order, who should receive more recognition for the efforts they gave in their team's Super Bowl victories.

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By Tom Pollin
Senior Writer
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2 years ago
good stuff, Tom.
2 years ago

Thank you Mike. Always appreciated.
2 years ago
I think Rod Wood should have won the Super Bowl MVP. Come on, three interceptions!
2 years ago

You mean Martin, I think he could have easily been awarded it. His three interceptions took place with the Eagles' driving into Raiders' territory. He directly took points off the board for the Eagles.

Plunkett did have a great game. He threw three touchdown passes, one an 80-yarder and finished with a passer rating of 145.0.

Given an outstanding offensive performance and an outstanding defensive performance, the quarterback will get the award.

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