Every week, NFL fans and analysts dissect and debate the matchups around the league. Team X cannot stop the run, and Team Y has running back A. This team has a bad offensive line, and the team they are playing blitzes a lot.

Despite these types of analysis that seem that clockwork before the game, there is always a result that leaves fans scratching their heads.

For Week 1, quarterback Terrelle Pryor leading his team with 112 yards rushing, Marshawn Lynch averaging 2.5 yard per attempt and Pittsburgh's revamped offensive line still giving up five sacks in Tennessee were all surprises in Week 1 (Ok, maybe not the Steelers' o-line), but did not make the top five.

Here are the five most surprising stat lines from Week 1.

*Note: This list is for surprises only, stats such as Anquan Boldin going for 208 receiving yards against a weak Packers secondary is very impressive but not a big surprise.