It has been a while since the New York Jets have had some controversy at the quarterback position but, now that Tim Tebow is suiting up for the green and white, Mark Sanchez is no longer a sure-fire lock to start each game. So if you plan on picking a Jet quarterback in your fantasy draft, which one (Tebow or Sanchez) will be more productive for your team?
With Rex Ryan calling the shots anything can happen, especially after having an 8-8 record and missing out on the playoffs. During the offseason the Jets lost some key offensive weapons such as wide receiver Plaxico Burress, and running back LaDainian Tomlinson. Based on last season, having the 21st ranked passing offense and the 22nd ranked rushing offense, not only do the Jets have to replace these players but, they have to replace them with other players that will increase the offensive output they had last year.
So far the Jets have signed wide receiver Chaz Schilens as well as former Bronco quarterback Tebow. I do not believe Schilens is comparable to Burress as a red zone threat, although he could improve on his 23 receptions from last year by lining up opposite to Santonio Holmes or even in the slot back position; depending on how soon rookie wide receiver, Stephen Hill, develops. With Tomlinson out of the picture, Shonn Greene would be the every down back with Joe McKnight and Terrance Ganaway fighting for the backup role. 

With an offensive line that has been no better than average since the departure of Damian Woody, I would say that this is not the offense Ryan is going to want to see out on the field during week one, if they keep Sanchez as the starting quarterback.

Now if we change it up and put new comer Tebow as the starting quarterback then this changes the entire offense. 
With the treat of a boot leg by Tebow at any time during the game, opposing defenses would have to try and contain the quarterback by dropping an extra linebacker in the box to make sure Tebow does not get to the outside and gain valuable yards. This increases the chance for a one-on-one match up in the secondary, and if (this is still a strong if) Tebow can get the ball to the correct match up on the field then this can allow for a more efficient Jets offense.

Also, when Tebow played in Denver he, along with Willis McGahee created the No. 1 rushing attack in the league as Denver had 164.5 rushing yards per game. We all know how Ryan values a strong running game.
Here are some more stats from last season:Sanchez had an average of 15.82 fantasy points per game while Tebow had an average of 18.11 fantasy points per game.
Sanchez led his team to an 8-8 record (2-6 on the road) causing his team to miss the playoffs while Tebow led his team to a 7-4 record (5-1 on the road) which brought his team to being the top team out of the AFC West Division.
Even if Mark Sanchez starts in week 1, I do not see the offense being strong enough to win games. When/If that occurs, Jets fans will be wanting to see Tebow. Ryan is going to play who he thinks is going to win more games for his team, and due to the offseason changes that were made, I believe the only stand out player that can cause more of an offensive production is the Florida Gators' product, Tebow. If Tebow starts more games for the Jets, which I believe he will, then he is more valuable to your fantasy team than Sanchez.