Aaron RodgersA lot of you are looking to who you should draft in the first round. Well, this right here is going to help you, A LOT.

If you have a high pick, you should choose either Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady. 

If one of those four are available if you have the 8th pick, you should choose whichever one it is. If you have the 7th pick and those four are gone, then I permit you to pick a different position.

You may think I'm being stingy to other positions, but I'm not, and I'll tell you why in a bit

I hate to see analyists tell people "never draft a quarterback until the second or third round." There are two problems with that:

1: Quarterbacks score the most points. Last year, 9 of the Top-10 fantasy players were quarterbacks. Those four are always top players.

Last year, they were all Top-5. In 2011, they were all Top-4 (other than Manning who was injured). In 2010, everyone was Top-5 except for Brees at No. 7. In 2009, they were all Top-5, except Brady at No. 9. Aaron Rodgers and Brees have been No. 1 within the past two years. Now tell me that you'd like a running back.

2: Most people (like me) won't wait until the second round to pick up the best players in the league. The last two years, I've had the 7th pick. The three (not including Manning because he was injured two years ago and last year no one trusted him) quarterbacks were gone by pick 5, leaving me with the next best choice being Matt Ryan (who was barely a Top-10 quarterback both years) or a running back/wide out that wasn't Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, or Arian Foster.

So don't trust in other people that your pick will last, especially if you have a top pick (because you'll be waiting until the end of the second round).

So please, people. If you want to win your league, ignore those stupid analyists and JUST TAKE TOM BRADY.