Maclin For a team who just finished 4-12, some might find it hard to believe the Philadelphia Eagles are stacked with talent. 

From Michael Vick to LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, you could make an argument that they're the most explosive team in the NFL -- when they show up to play that is.

During all the turmoil of 2012, all of the players listed above saw a huge drop in production.

One player who didn't however, is Eagles veteran Jeremy Maclin, who racked up a respectable 857 yards and seven touchdowns.

Throughout the Eagles' ups and downs the past five years, Maclin hasn't seen a season with less than 750 yards -- something not always found in a No. 2 receiver. He's constantly playing through injury, and always finds a way into the end zone. 

So why hasn't he reached 1,000 yards yet?

Well, besides the poor play at quarterback, it could be due to Andy Reid's game plan which featured more DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and even Brent Celek than it did No. 18.

With Chip Kelly now calling the shots in Philly, you can expect to not only see a jump in production from Maclin, but the entire offense.

Kelly will most likely be running some sort of a spread offense in Philadelphia, which will probably feature a two tight end set. Considering one of the greatest offensive minds in the history of the league Bill Belichick came to Kelly looking for advice about the set, teams will expect Kelly to frequently dish the ball to Celek and Ertz -- opening the outside to Jackson and Maclin.

As if drawing the defense's attention to the middle of the field isn't enough to help Maclin find success in his fifth year, than this should help--

With Kelly at the helm, a guy who loves speed, DeSean Jackson is expecting his best year yet. Defenses will be on the watch for the speedy wideout, probably earning double-team status by week two.

This will bode well for Maclin, who will only see No.2 & No.3 cornerbacks at worst, and might even see a linebacker or two who dare to take on the underrated receiver. 

However you look at it, a promising year seems to be ahead for Maclin, and by all accounts should garner a sixth-round selection in your upcoming Fantasy Football draft. He should be the No. 3 receiver on your depth chart behind two (hopefully) starting (No. 1) receivers, but with all the talent he possesses, could easily earn a starting role on your team!