Alfred Morris Alfred Morris was a monster in 2012, putting up the second most rush yards and touchdowns in the league. He was a rookie. A sixth round pick. Can you believe it?

The man is 24 years old though, but at least he's not Brandon Weeden, who's 29 and the Browns' first round pick from last year.

I have no idea what they were thinking. But anyways... Alfred Morris is a monster.

Morris picked up 1,613 yards running off of 4.8 yards per carry. His teammate, Robert Griffin III, was probably a big help. With the read-option in play on the Redskins' offense, RG3 distracted defenses because of 120 rushing attempts for 6.8 yards per carry and 7 touchdowns.

RG3 got injured last season, twice, tearing his ACL and MCL. He's looking to make a good comeback, but if the Redskins are smart, they'd do less running with him. That would give Morris the ball more, especially in the red zone.

Granted, I doubt they'll give him RG3's 120 extra runs. They'll just turn most of those runs into passes. But even so, if he keeps up that high running attack, like last year, Morris will only be half the focus in the run game again.

If you watch him play, he's just got so much vision, he's patient, and knows where to hit the hole. Once he's clear, he kicks on those motors, and he's gone. Expect him to do so his whole career.

I'd guess he's learned a lot from his rookie year, and will apply that knowledge onto the field this year to dominate defenses. He's a great back, and will get you great points.

His only downfall is his lack of presence in the passing game. He was 5th in fantasy points in running backs, due to only 77 receiving yards, while others, like Doug Martin, who had 150 rushing yards less -- but had almost 400 receiving yards more.

With RG3 coming off of his leg injury, it's possible that Morris could be a bigger threat, because RG3 will most likely be throwing more passes.

Even if he doesn't, expect Morris to put up huge numbers again.