NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins

NY Jets:  Gang green came off a big time game in Week 1 by torching the Bills, but then turned around and laid a stinker against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2.  So which team is the real Jets?  I’m thinking both are; against weaker defenses, the Jets have the offensive power to take advantage.  Against a good defense, however, they just don’t have the playmakers to make the other team pay on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately for Mark Sanchez, the Dolphins actually have a stout defense, and playing at home they’ll give Sanchez and his receivers fits.  This is a game that will likely end in a score like 16-13, which isn’t conducive to good fantasy production.  That said, you can still find some value in Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill, but as nothing more than WR3/WR4/Flex options.

One thing that Shonn Greene has going for him; he’s one of the few backs in the league that gets all the carries for his team.  The one thing Greene doesn’t have going for him; he’s not very good.  While Green may get to 100 yards rushing in a lot of games, it usually takes upwards of 28-30 carries to get him there.  Luckily, leagues don’t care how many carries it takes as long you get there.  That said, the Dolphins bottled up the likes of Darren McFadden in Week 2, and Greene is nowhere near as talented as Run DMC.  If Greene gets around 60 yards and a chance to punch one in from up close, consider yourself lucky.

Good Start:  None

Middle of the Road: WR Santonio Holmes, WR Stephen Hill, RB Shonn Greene

Bad Start:  QB Mark Sanchez, TE Dustin Keller


Miami Dolphins:  In a theme that seemed to go through all of the rookie quarterbacks, first week struggles didn’t carry over to week 2 for Ryan Tannehill either.  Tannehill was efficient and made enough plays to make sure the Dolphins didn’t relinquish their lead, accounting for over 210 total yards and 2 scores, one being on the ground.  The Jets will prove to be much  tougher on defense than the Raiders, however, so look for Tannehill to revert back to looking more like the raw rookie we saw in week 1.  That means you can’t really play any of Tannehill’s receivers with any confidence, but if you’re desperate for a flex play this week, try rolling with Brian Hartline, who has proven to be Tannehill’s favorite target.

One guy you have to start every week for the Dolphins is Reggie Bush.  If it weren’t for CJ Spiller’s taking over of Fred Jackson’s job, Bush would be the NFL’s leading rusher.  Bush said in the off-season his goal was to lead the league in rushing, and so far, he’s in contention.  From this point on, as long as he stays healthy Bush should be started as a RB1 until further notice. 

Good Start:  RB Reggie Bush

Middle of the Road:  WR Brian Hartline

Bad Start:  QB Ryan Tannehill, WR Devone Bess, TE Anthony Fasano