Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars:  Well that didn’t take long.  After Blaine Gabbert looked like a fairly competent QB against the Minnesota Vikings in week 1, he reverted to the putrid play from 2011, throwing for an ugly 53 yards against a stout Texans defense in Week 2.  Against a decent defense, Gabbert will likely have days like he did against the Texans; luckily for him, the Colts aren’t that good.  Still, even in 2 QB leagues I wouldn’t suggest rolling out with Gabbert, unless you really need about 100-150 yards on the upshot.

Even though Gabbert should make you gun shy about ever trying to start a Jaguars receiver with any confidence, that doesn’t mean the Jags are without fantasy value.  Maurice Jones-Drew showed that he isn’t effected by his holdout, nor effected by the fact that every defense in the league stacks the box because they know MJD is the only offensive threat the Jags actually have.  From this point on, start MJD with all confidence.

Good Start:  RB Maurice Jones-Drew

Middle of the Road:  None

Bad Start:  Anyone that counts on Gabbert to get them the ball.


Indianapolis:  You know, I’m really starting to like the new Andrew Luck era.  Most likely this team is still on the way to double digit losses, but they’re going to be fun to watch while they get there.  The defense is pretty awful, but Luck is good enough to make sure the Colts make a lot of games interesting.  Not to mention, he’ll likely throw for 300 yards and a score or two more often than not, so he’s actually a pretty decent low end QB1; and likely he’s your backup.  If you platoon him, this is a game that I’d go ahead and give him a roll on, as the MJD alone could make sure the Jags can at least stay close, forcing Luck to continue to air it out.

That means his receiving threats are all good plays; I’d continue to start Reggie Wayne and now even Donnie Avery with confidence.  Until Austin Collie actually gets on the field and shows he won’t get a concussion just from strapping his helmet on, I’d continue to ride the hot Avery.

Coby Fleener has been up and down, but you have to expect that considering both Luck and Fleener are rookies.  However, if you’re not loaded at TE, I’d give him a shot this week against a team that let both Kyle Rudolph and Owen Daniels have pretty good games. 

Good Start:  QB Andrew Luck, WR Reggie Wayne, WR Donnie Avery

Middle of the Road:  TE Coby Fleener, RB Donald Brown

Bad Start:  WR T.Y. Hilton, WR Austin Collie