Wes WelkerWeek 1 was full of many surprises and some of them were not something a fantasy owner would want to see on their team. 

Fantasy owners spent weeks researching and analyzing players; some quite frankly fell short of expectations. 

Here are a select few you can count on to rebound in Week 2 and should be considered "must starts".

WR Wes Welker, New England Patriots

I personally have Wes Welker in one of my leagues this year.

I have tried to get him for a long time and I was pretty pumped when I got his this year but Welker left me asking "why?" on Sunday after only catching three passes for 14 yards!

Also, Welker was only on the field for 43 of the Patriots' 67 offensive plays. Many people are questioning how this could happen? 

Is it because Welker is in the last season of his contract?  Is it because he is being phased out? 

Some even speculate that management wants to see Welker post low numbers this year so next year's contract year can give them the ammo they need to either not sign him at all or reduce the offer they would normally make for a stud like Welker, banking on a "down year" for the aging star. 

I personally feel this is ridiculous speculation. Tom Brady has done his best to deflect these concerns stating, "There are going to be games where Wes has not as many opportunities, and there are going to be games where he has a ton of opportunities. It all depends on how the game may play out."   

If Brady is indeed telling the truth, and I believe he is, Welker still has 15 games to make up for Week 1 and I think we will not be waiting long. The Patriots open at home this weekend against the Arizona Cardinals. Although the Cardinals held their own against Seattle last week, this week will be different against Brady and Co., too many weapons and one of the biggest weapons will be Wes Welker this week.  

RB Michael Turner - Atlanta Falcons

This guy has had mixed reviews all preseason with many speculating if this is the the year he fades into the backdrop where all running backs eventually go. 

Michael Turner proved the critics right this past week with a lackluster showing against the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, Turner was the only dull spot in the Falcons' high-flying offense that day. The Chiefs are good against the run and they proved that by holding Turner to 32 rushing yards.

This week the Falcons open up at home on Monday night against the Denver Broncos, a team that struggled against the Steelers running backs last week. They didn't handle the back up running backs or the injured Mendenhall well. Look for Turner to rebound easily this Monday night.

WR Victor Cruz, New York Giants

Although Cruz's Week 1 stats were average for a wide receiver after the opening game against the Cowboys last Wednesday night, six receptions for 58 yards, the main issue was Cruz's inability to catch a pass. Fantasy owners who drafted and started Cruz had to be cringing at the sight of those three dropped passes as they watched the potential points just fall away to the ground. 

Last year Cruz emerged as one of the biggest surprises in the NFL. Eli Manning lost a main target in Mario Manningham who is now with Tampa Bay so the upside to drafting Cruz was very appealing to fantasy owners this year. 

Cruz had an off game, I think his eyes saw the big plays from last year and it blinded him from catching the ball. This reality check for Cruz may be the best thing that could have happened to him. 

“I guess it’s kind of just a humble check,” he told the Daily News Wednesday night. If this is truly the case, look for Cruz to rebound very nicely this week at home against Tampa Bay, proving to himself, his team and to the fans, he is the real deal and ready to be ordained a top tiered wide receiver.