Minnesota Vikings @ Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota:  This might shape up to be one of the more exciting games fantasy-wise of the week, mostly because neither team seems to sport a defense capable of stopping anyone.  The Vikings ended up in a pseudo-shootout with the Jaguars of all teams, a group that couldn’t get out of their own way offensively a year ago.  Christian Ponder looks poised to have to throw a lot, and should be a lock for at least 250 yards most weeks.  The question of course is, will he get many touchdowns?

That question was answered last week as a resounding no, what with Adrian Peterson looking like he hasn’t missed a beat.  With AP back, Ponder probably won’t have to throw a lot of touchdown passes, which limits his upside.  Speaking of Peterson, he should run over, around, and through a Colts defense that lacks a lot of elite talent and size to stop a back like Peterson.

In the passing game, Percy Harvin and Kyle Rudolph are both strong plays, as Ponder will throw it, and those are his two favorite targets by far.

 Good Start:  RB Adrian Peterson, WR Percy Harvin, TE Kyle Rudolph

Middle of the Road:  QB Christian Ponder

Bad Start:  RB Toby Gerhart, WR Michael Jenkins


Indianapolis:  Andrew Luck had a rude awakening to NFL life as a rookie starting quarterback.  He threw three interceptions, but with the turnstile the Colts are sporting for a defense, Luck also threw for 300 yards, which is likely going to happen more often than not this season.  That makes Luck a mid-level play most weeks, as even though he’ll likely have turnovers, he’ll make up for it in yards.

So much for Reggie Wayne being dead and buried in terms of fantasy usefulness.  All Wayne needed was a halfway decent quarterback to make his return to starting lineups everywhere.  Outside of Wayne, Coby Fleener turned out to be the only other Colts receiving threat worth starting, as he proved to be Luck’s safety valve.

Good Start:  QB Andrew Luck, WR Reggie Wayne, TE Coby Fleener

Middle of the Road:  RB Donald Brown

Bad Start:  WR Donnie Avery, WR Austin Collie