Luck This Thursday night the Indianapolis Colts meet the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Will there be any good fantasy football options? 

Last week the Thursday night game seemed a banquet of (unreliable) fantasy options. 

Yes, there were choices everywhere. But the question was who could you trust? The answer of course ended up being practically no one, my apologies to Philip Rivers. 

This week the options are less of a banquet and more of an appetizer sampler. 

But with Aaron Rodgers and his arsenal on break, Robert Griffin III healing, Larry Fitzgerald  trying to figure out how to get on Peyton Manning's team, and Trent Richardson giving his body a break, options are limited. 


Andrew Luck or Blaine Gabbert

If you have Aaron Rodgers then you are going to need a backup. If you are riding with Robert Griffin III then you too are going to need options. 

Statistically Blaine Gabbert is a viable option. He has 2,214 yards this season. He is averaging 5.36 yards per pass. He has 10 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.  Last week against the Detroit Lions, Gabbert completed 27 of 38 passes for 220 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions. 

And now for the good-bad news, the Jaguars are absolutely bad at home. They have gotten blown out at every home game. They will most likely be playing from behind. So Gabbert will be throwing.  Lots of yardage that could equal lots of interceptions and drops. 

In comes Andrew Luck to save the day. Through eight games Luck has passed for 2,404 yards. He has thrown for 10 touchdowns with eight interceptions. His season stats are not that different from Gabbert's. However, last week Luck threw for a rookie-high 438 yards against the Miami Dolphins.  He also had two touchdowns. 

Luck has four games with at least 300 passing yards. He now has four game-winning drives. 

And for a little more good news the Colts are 5-3. While the Jaguars beat them in Lucas Oil Stadium in Week 3, they are on different trajectories. 

If Luck is available on the waiver wire you need to grab him now. But chances are he is not and Gabbert may be your best bet. 

Luck should be played. Gabbert is an option, his team may be bad but he puts up sloppy fantasy points. 

Wide Receivers

Reggie Wayne or Cecil Shorts III

Reggie Wayne is experiencing a resurgence. In last week's game he had 78 yards with one touchdown. For the season he has 101 targets for 835 yards. He has also seen the end zone three times. Reggie Wayne will not be available on your waiver wire. But if you have him you are playing him. 

Cecil Shorts III and T.Y. Hilton will both be available. Shorts III is the object of Gabbert's passing affection. He has been targeted 45 times this season. He has seen the end zone three times. If you are in a PPR league he may be a viable option. 

The trouble with Shorts is that he doesn't amass large chunks of yardage. In the last five games he has only gone over 100 yards once. And in that same span he only has one touchdown. With injuries and byes, Shorts III will be a viable option. Gabbert really does not have that many viable options. 

The problem with Hilton is that Luck does have a plethora of options. And it is Thursday. A long time to live with a bad choice. 

As for last week who knew? Ryan Mathews would run scared. Jamaal Charles is on the side of some milk carton. And Philip Rivers answered the call. 

But with this week, with less options comes less uncertainty. 

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