Texans Houston: If the Falcons and Saints are the equivalent of a fantasy bull market, the Texans and Bears matchups would be the bear (pun partially intended). 

This game doesn’t have much going for it other than the kickers and defenses; can’t you see this game ending 13-6, with the difference being a Bears defensive TD? Yep, I can too.

What all that defensive studliness means is this game will be mostly devoid of useful fantasy stats; however, could you ever bench Arian Foster? 

If you can’t bench him here (and I wouldn’t) you can’t ever bench him, so it stands to reason there’s no exception for Foster in the “never bench your studs” theory.

Foster is pretty much the only player that you can really be confident in here. If you have Andre Johnson, you may want to think about benching him because he hasn’t really been very elite this season even against lesser opponents.

Owen Daniels has been putting up good stats of late, and he will probably be Schaub’s favorite outlet with the Bears clamping down on AJ.

The rest of the Texans? Wouldn’t touch ‘em this week.

Good Start: RB Arian Foster

Middle of the Road: TE Owen Daniels

Bad Start: QB Matt Schaub, WR Andre Johnson, WR Kevin Walter


Bears: The same rules that apply to the Texans certainly apply with the Bears; I wouldn’t expect much from anyone other than Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall, and even then you’re probably going to get fewer points than you normally expect from those two studs.

If you’ve been holding on to Jay Cutler for the expressed purpose of using him on Aaron Rodgers' bye week, you really should have looked at the schedule closer ahead of time. This is not the week to give Cutler a start, as the Texans rank 4th against the pass, even after the six TD gouging Rodgers gave them earlier this year. 

What that tells you is the Texans have been crazy good in pretty much every other game this season.

Forte and Marshall still need to be started, but don’t be surprised if neither end up in the endzone; but both may find decent yardage to still be useful. Forte still does damage as a combination rushing-receiving threat, and Marshall can pretty much beat any coverage repeatedly.

Good Start: RB Matt Forte, WR Brandon Marshall

Middle of the Road: None

Bad Start: QB Jay Cutler, RB Michael Bush, WR Earl Bennett, WR Devin Hester, TE Kellen Davis