Dez Bryant Dallas: Label this one the “All Desperation Bowl”, as the Cowboys and Eagles both come off disappointing losses, none more so than the Cowboys' 19-13 loss to the Falcons in Week 9. 

The Cowboys had their chances, but the Falcons did just enough to win the game and leave Dallas holding the bag… again. 

Tony Romo simply could not get his team moving enough to score the points necessary to secure an important road win, and now are back on the road again against an equally desperate Eagles team.

Although the Eagles sport one of the better secondaries in the league, they were gouged by Drew Brees on Monday Night, and Romo has some pretty good weapons of his own at his disposal. 

This should be a pretty good game for both Miles Austin and Jason Witten, and even the inconsistent Dez Bryant could put up usable numbers.

What you want to do is steer well clear of the mess that is the Cowboys' running game. Felix Jones has been ineffective in replacing DeMarco Murray, and Murray is out yet again with his foot injury.

Good Start: WR Miles Austin, TE Jason Witten

Middle of the Road: QB Tony Romo, WR Dez Bryant

Bad Start: RB Felix Jones, WR Kevin Ogletree


Philadelphia: If the Eagles end up losing this one, at home against the hated Cowboys, it might be tough to ignore all the cries to management for not only Michael Vick to be benched, but Andy Reid to be fired. 

If Vick performs poorly here, would anyone be shocked if this was his last game behind center for the Eagles? Now, I don’t really expect that to happen as long as the Eagles are alive for the playoffs, but it also wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Under that kind of desperation, will Vick actually perform well here? The statistics say no, as the Cowboys have been rough on pretty much every passing game they’ve played this year.

Even Matt Ryan didn’t breech them last week for a score, even though he did pass for over 340 yards. I wouldn’t expect that kind of yardage total from Vick, but he likely will get them at least one score, but also will trademark the game with a turnover or three.

With the Eagles' offensive line missing four starters, I wouldn’t expect a great game from LeSean McCoy either; however, because pass blocking will be more of a problem than run blocking for a new line trying to gel, McCoy will likely get a heavy dose of usage, which will make his numbers at the end of the day at least respectable.

Good Start: RB LeSean McCoy

Middle of the Road: WR DeSean Jackson, TE Brent Celek

Bad Start: QB Michael Vick, WR Jeremy Maclin