What a great opening week in the NFL;  there were so many great performances that were expected and some that were not expected.  Here are three of the performances that amazed or failed to amaze in Week 1.

Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings

This guy made me eat my words and choke on them.  I refused to consider Peterson in the top 10 RBs, or even the top 20 RBs to start this week.

Peterson injured his knee on Christmas Eve 2011, a knee injury that some considered "career ending".  We heard off season reports of Peterson's progress and how he promised he would be back by opening weekend.

Like many others, I brushed the information aside and tucked him away in my mind. As the season grew closer, there was talk of Peterson returning to the field and again, I blew it off.  I had no intention of taking Peterson in any of my fantasy leagues and felt it was just a joke to even consider it.

Adrian Peterson worked harder and smarter than anyone with this type of injury probably ever has.  Adrian Peterson stepped on the field September 9th, 2012-- and started for the Minnesota Vikings.  Not only did Adrian Peterson start, he excelled and exceeded any expectations that were set for him.  Peterson's stats for the day: 17 attempts, 84 yards, and 2 TD!  Welcome back Mr Peterson, you have earned my respect!

Reggie Wayne - Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck made his NFL debut against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.  Not an easy task for anyone, let alone a rookie.

After the departure of Manning, surely Reggie Wayne would fade away.  Many have felt that Wayne was only decent because of Manning.  This year, everyone slighted any talk of Reggie Wayne being a top 20 fantasy WR.  I have to say, I was right on this one.

I felt the rookie QB, Luck, would need to depend on a veteran to help break him into the league.  Wayne did not score a touchdown but he put up some very solid numbers to start out this season: 9 receptions for 135 yards, despite several overthrown balls by Luck when he was wide open.  I think this trend will get even better for 2012 and Wayne will be a must-start every week.

Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

Well Mr. Rodgers neighborhood wasn't very friendly with the San Francisco 49ers hanging around like the gangstas they are.

The 49ers came to Lambeau with a swagger and an attitude proving that Rodgers is not really Superman.  Sure, Rodgers put up decent fantasy numbers, but by Rodgers standards, it was very well below average.

The New York Giants figured the Packers out last year in the playoffs and exposed their pass attack.  The 49ers took that information, added a Harbaugh twist, and got after the guts of the Packers and made Rodgers look like an average QB.

Will this trend continue?  Stay tuned for next weeks epsiode of Mr. Rodgers neighbhorhood when the Big Bad Bears come to town.

All in all, many great stories in week 1 and with 16 weeks to go, these surprises could easily take a wrong turn and go the other way.