Drafting a dud in the early rounds is a real nightmare for fantasy players. And there have been a lot of heartbreaking players this year. So far. You can never keep a good man down, right? Well, sadly, if you're like me, you want points NOW. Big name players like MJD are killing some people, but who knows? He might turn it around. I mean, he is MJD. But do you think his owner would rather bench him than take the chance of only getting a few points every week until he is good? Well, try a trade. There are plenty of big names that you can buy low from other players. Consistancy is a good thing, and some players are consistantly ruining people's fantasy scores. So lets talk trades people!

Roddy White - 5.60 points

Roddy White is hurt. If people aren't benching him, they're not too intelligent. Basically, he's been playing decoy for the past few weeks, and his points show it. If his owners are patient, he'll heal up and once again dominate like he does. If they aren't patient, he's a VERY good player to aim for. At this point, it could be weeks until he's 100%.

Stevan Ridley - 10.90 points
Ridley is definitely one of those players taken early, and he is NOT producing. Shane Vereen was, until he broke his thumb, but Ridley isn't producing at all. In a three-way split for snaps, he's not doing well, and has yet to even put up 50 yards in any game. He's very risky for any player to put in, so definitely buy low low low. And don't start him until he starts producing.

Dwayne Bowe - 15.00 points
Life for the Chiefs is great. Life for Bowe owners isn't. Bowe isn't getting many targets, especially where he usually made his mark - down the field. He's just put up a game where he made .40 points. THAT is painful. Until Alex Smith is more confident in himself throwing deep or until Bowe gets used in shorter yardage situations, he's a buy low. Even with a game where he put up 11+ points, that's still just an anomoly for the deep-threat. 

Tony Gonzalez - 15.30 points
Last year, 15.30 points for Gonzalez was about 3 quarters. This year, it's been about 3 weeks. The old man isn't finding a rhythm, and hasn't even found 40 yards in a game yet. He's not looking good, but keep in mind, he is Tony Gonzalez. He'll bounce back, but currently, you could probably get him cheap. And if you do, you just found yourself an excellent starter! 

Greg Jennings - 16.00 points
Jennings isn't looking good this year. He's got the stats that a 4th-string wide receiver on the Packers would have. He's only had over 45 points once so far, and still not a single touchdown. With the Vikings passing game struggling, who knows how well (more-so poorly) he will continue to do? Easily a good buy-low wide receiver.

C.J. Spiller - 16.20 points
Spiller is, once again, injured. But luckily, it isn't a big deal. It probably wont even keep him out this Sunday. But, he still got injured. On top of that, he's only had one game where he surpassed 3.50 points, and it was only a 11.70 point game. Spiller is a weapon, one that his owners won't happily part with, but given another poor week or 2, he should be easier to snatch up.

Maurice Jones-Drew - 19.50 points
Now, back to MJD. He finally had an alright game. Sadly, that was only due to a touchdown. The Jaguars' only hope has yet to run for over 45 yards. That Lisfranc injury really slowed him down. Either that, or he's every defense's only target. Either way, it may take him a while to get back on the MJD track, if he even gets back on. Hopefully a good buy-low.

Hakeem Nicks - 19.70 points
Nicks is subject to a terrible team. It seems as if all my Eli Manning bashing has completely shown his true colors. But, not the point. In his North Carolina homecoming against the Panthers, he was only targeted once, and that was to throw the ball away. With Nicks' stock going down by the week due to the destruction of the Giants' morale, I'd say he's a good low-buy. Who knows, they might pull it together?


Week 3 is normally the last straw for people who are impatient. Granted, most of those people have a losing record at this point and have no choice but to look for players that will give them points.