Wheaton Markus Wheaton was the third round choice for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Obviously, I want you to wait more than three rounds before picking up Wheaton.

Wheaton will grow into being your first or second receiver as the season moves on but the fun thing about him is that he will be a huge sleeper pick!

There are so many wide receivers in fantasy football to begin with and there were nine other WRs drafted before Wheaton in the NFL Draft.

This is good because people in your league will be looking towards those picks way before they take a look at Wheaton. I think Wheaton may go undrafted in many fantasy football leagues but I suggest you use your last or second-to-last pick on him.

If the fact that he's the tenth WR picked up in the NFL Draft is scaring you, then you under-estimate his opportunity with the Steelers. Wheaton will be a Week 1 starter and will only be sharing starting reps with Emmanuel Sanders, Plaxico Burress, and Jericho Cotchery.

The No. 1 Steelers' receiver is Antonio Brown, so the question is: "Will Wheaton be the No. 2 or 3 guy on this offense?" We can assess that he'll be placed above Cotchery after training camp, but since he's a Wallace-type receiver, and the second slot in the playbook is made for Wallace himself, I think Wheaton will be the No. 2 guy by the end of the season.

I think he'll get a few reps in the beginning of the season as a slot receiver due to the veteran presence in Burress and Sanders. The advantage of being a slot receiver is the same one Victor Cruz had a couple of seasons ago.

Mismatches are a good slot receiver's best friend and he'll get plenty of those in the slot. I think he'll work his way to being the second most productive receiver on the team because of the advantage.

I recommend him as a bench player, not because of his skills or opportunities, but because of the question marks that surround Ben Roethlisberger. If Big Ben falls at any point of the season (and it does seem like Big Ben is fragile now), all the WRs from Pittsburgh will instantly become useless on your fantasy team.


  • Pick him up in the last couple of rounds as a backup WR
  • He's a sleeper pick, he's there as a Wallace-type player and is in the offense to replace Wallace
  • He won't get as many reps in the beginning of the season due to all the veteran presence, but he will break out and put up huge numbers
  • If Big Ben gets injured this season, you might as well drop Wheaton

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