Barkley I don't think I have kept my love for the Matt Barkley pick a secret since it happened.

My belief is that Chip Kelly would not have made the trade up in the fourth round if he wasn't so sure that Barkley would fit into his offense nicely.

Everyone knew there would be a quarterback battle in Philadelphia at the end of last season, but now it's a competition between Michael Vick, Nick Foles, and Matt Barkley.

Although I like Matt Barkley as a football pick, I'm torn on him as a fantasy football pick. Below are some reasons why you may want to avoid Barkley as your first or second quarterback choice.

Will he play on Week 1?

He may not be the starter on Week 1. If Barkley doesn't't start by Week 1, then how long will it take him to be the starter? Hypothetically, if Vick is crowned the Week 1 starter, how long will it take him to lose his job?

This even means that Foles and Barkley may split time or have to duel for the job. Nobody wants to start a quarterback who's sharing snaps or sitting on the bench. With all of these question marks in place, it's time to start talking about a hypothetical situation where he is the Week 1 starter.

Even if he wins the starting job, we still haven't seen what role the quarterback will play in Kelly's new offense. We can assume it'll be the same as his college scheme, but you know what assuming makes us.


Despite all this being said, I'm still picking him to be my No. 3 quarterback (possibly No. 2 if he's declared the starter before my drafts). If he starts, he has an entire arsenal of options to throw to and it's always great to have a late-round sleeper quarterback to use on bye weeks, reserve for injuries, or leverage as trade.

This season, Barkely will be the only rookie quarterback (maybe even EJ Manuel) I even look at drafting, and that won't be until the last couple of rounds in the draft.

If you see him in the last round of the draft and still haven't picked up a starting kicker, I'd grab him and sort out your kicker situation before the season starts.

Bullet Points:

  • Use as backup quarterback if he’s announced the Week 1 starter before your draft
  • If he’s not named the Week 1 starter for the Eagles, pick him up very late as your third QB (if your fantasy football league has a deep roster size)
  • He’s put into the perfect situation in Philly as a QB! He has a million options to throw to and a strong O-line! Why on Earth would you think he’s going to fail if he gets the opportunity?
  • If he doesn’t start this season then there’s no damage done if you drop him since you used your last picks on him
  • You want to draft him to avoid trying to get him when he’s hot on the waiver wire
  • If he starts and becomes hot but you don’t want to bench your starting QB, you can leverage him for a trade in the league (I did it a couple of seasons ago when I had Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton, I traded Cam for Ray Rice…not bad for my third to last pick in that draft).

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